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Top Best Farming PlayStation 4 Video Games

Farming PlayStation 4

Farming PlayStation 4

Looking for some games that let you escape the bustling city to live on a farm? We have you covered. In this list, we’re highlighting some of our favorite farming PlayStation 4 video games that you can pick up and play today. From wacky farmer games to more realistic simulation games, here are some of the best games out there. 

Farming Simulator – farming PlayStation 4

Farming PlayStation 4

Perhaps one of the more familiar farming simulation games on the market today is Farming Simulator. The series of games started in 2008 and continues to find new releases every year. The latest of them for PlayStation 4 is Farming Simulator 2019. 

The franchise also has a sizable following but overall the game is about taking an old farm and turning it around with new machinery, trees. Grow, pet, build and make smart. Invest to make your farm grow. There is also a series of missions for the player to complete, which will earn the player extra money. 

Unfortunately, some of the machines and resources that players may want to dig into are locked behind paywalls, so you can expect to pay for DLC to get some of the products made using this method convenient as delivery and harvesting machines for wood.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is an action RPG with elements of simulation included. The game takes place in a world where civilization has fallen and now years later what is left of humanity has begun to build the world again. Players here will role-play a character in Portia, a city that is being rebuilt. 

You will need help with the rebuilding process including harvesting crops, cutting trees, raising livestock, and generally just maintaining a farm. With that said, there are several action games here as well players can explore old ruins and dungeons to find new treasures. In these dungeons, you will have different hostile enemies to fight.

Farm Together – farming PlayStation 4

Farming PlayStation 4

Farm Together is another fun farming PlayStation 4 game that is played more randomly than the more realistic simulation games we listed earlier. It’s a more animated video game with players building farms, growing plants, taking care of animals, using your coins to set up new buildings, and customizing your entire farm. Where the game shines, however, is the fact that you can take care of the farm with other players. Capable of online cooperative gaming supporting up to 16 players total.

Stardew Valley – farming PlayStation 4

Farming PlayStation 4

As mentioned in our Harvest Moon spot, we have Stardew Valley. This is a game developed from the inspiration of the original Harvest Moon video game. Overall, the title focuses on a farming simulator where the player escapes the hectic city life. Instead of working in the city, players decide to take over the dilapidated farm that has been passed down to them by their grandfather. 

Here the player is building it back with a lush field of crops and livestock. Meanwhile, like the original Harvest Moon video games, players can adventure into town and participate in various events or even forge a relationship. Thanks to the positive reception, players can even connect in cooperative play following a series of updates to support multiplayer.