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Top Best New JRPGs Of 2021 You Should Try



There is a huge market for JPRG and some of these classic video game titles have inspired developers from all over the world to create similar pieces of video game art for those others enjoy. In this list, we’ll highlight some of the most anticipated JPRGs coming out in 2021 that we personally can’t wait to get started on. Some of these new JRPGs have already been released, some are slated to launch this year, while others are waiting for the actual release window. Therefore, do not consider these games to be in a particular order better than others.

Tales of Arise – new JRPGs


Tales games have been around for years but we feel like more new people have found out about this IP with the previous hit, Tales of Berseria. Now, one of the new JRPGs with a unique story will launch in September this year. Tales of Arise is another action RPG in which we have the story revolve around two main characters, a man named Alphen who was born into a world named Dahna while a girl, Shionne from planet Rena join together. 

In this game story, the planet Dahna has been crippled by Rena’s advanced world forcing most of Dahna into slavery, as they provide resources and goods for Rena. It remains to be seen how these two end up on their journey, but this is the part that the developers intentionally made a little darker than the previous installments. The goal of this game is not only to help develop IP but also to make it more attractive to western markets.

Nier Replicant Ver 1.22474487319…


If you liked the original Nier when it came out and switched to Nier: Automata then you might have a chance to go back to the iconic prequel title and enjoy it all again. 

Now it has been updated for modern platforms and it gives you the option to play this game with a nice coat of paint. Here players will go through an action RPG experience with some bullet hell battles as you set out to find a cure for your sibling, who is suffering from a terrible disease. 

We’re not going to spoil things here but this is one of those games where you play twice and get the big picture of what’s going on. As mentioned, the game is out now so again, you know what you’re into if you’ve played the title when it first came out. Meanwhile, for those who have loved Nier: Automata, this is a game worth choosing.

Final Fantasy XVI – new JRPGs


The Final Fantasy franchise has been around for a long time, and it continues to find new JRPGs installments hitting the market regularly. We’ve just received a remake of Final Fantasy VII with more of that game slated for release, although we’re not sure when season 2 will be out. 

The same can be said about Final Fantasy XVI although we’ve seen a lot of rumors and even reports claiming that the title will release in 2021. So far we’ve only really seen a bit. fleeting is this one, which will take place in a fictional land of Valisthea where in good Final Fantasy fashion a new illness emerges leaving a battle to stop the spread and help those in need. 

While there are still some questions left to be answered, we know that this game will be released for PlayStation 5. For a lot of fans out there, getting a PlayStation 5 is a big problem so we expect units to be in good supply by the time this game hits the market.