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Top Best PS4 Racing Games of All Time For you

PS4 Racing Games

The racing genre has seen a lot of video games on the PlayStation 4, and there will certainly be many more titles released in the coming years. We’ve highlighted some of our personal favorite racing and car-based video games available on the platform. While we think these video game titles are the best PS4 racing games, we want to know your favorite racing video games!

Need For Speed – best PS4 racing

PS4 Racing Games

Need For Speed ​​from 2015 has been touted as a franchise reboot, and players were expecting it to be the Need For Speed: Underground 3 we never got. This best PS4 racing game is a mixed game with some high and low moments. Environments, graphics, and cosmetic upgrades are some of the best you can find in a racing game of this generation. 

The maps are large and varied, they provide a seamless transition from the highway to the mountains, and you’ll constantly discover new locations as you drive on the map. The game has some rough car handling mechanics, and the cops never really seem like a threat. Cars List also leaves some things to be desired, but it’s a pretty cool game that offers great customization options for your favorite cars.

Dirt 4

The sixth game released from the Dirt series is full of fast-paced and thrilling gameplay. Focusing primarily on rallying, players will find runway and terrain races, varying weather conditions, and Rally stages spanning from Fitzroy in Australia, Tarragona in Spain, Michigan in the United States, Varmland in Sweden, and Powys in Wales.

Wipeout Omega Collection – best PS4 racing

Wipeout: Omega Collection is a remake release containing both Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048. This futuristic racing game is similar to the F-Zero series, where gamers will be racing in flying jet-type cars. meander through a series of race tracks. Both titles will run at 60fps at 1080p or 4K, depending on whether the player prefers video games on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro.

Rocket League

Rocket League doesn’t take long to describe. The game quickly gained popularity when it launched in 2015, and its popularity still lives on to this day. Basically, Rocket League is a football title although played with racing cars that can launch into the air to block or hit the ball into the goal post.

Dirt Rally

PS4 Racing Games

Dirt Rally is developer Codemasters’ master revised installment for the Rally series. Basically, Dirt Rally transforms from the Colin McRae Rally series, first launched in 1998. In the game, players will race in various off-road terrain tracks on tracks around the world. . Likewise, some selected sections of the road can have a variety of weather conditions that can alter the overall feel of the vehicle you’re racing. There are a total of seventy different cars to choose from and over thirty stages.

F1 2021 – best PS4 racing

PS4 Racing Games

F1 2021 is released in July 2021. If you’ve been following this best PS4 racing franchise for a long time, then you know what to expect. This is a game series based on the Formula One world championship season. It’s very simulation-based so tuning your car to ensure that performance stays at an all-time high is crucial here. 

This season also brings the My Team mode, which allows players to understand more behind the scenes of the team. You can create drivers, deal with sponsors, suppliers and hire your own crew. As for simulation racing, this is one of the games not to be missed.