August 3, 2021


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Top Esports Faves to Win LPL Spring 2021

Top Esports

Top Esports Faves to Win LPL Spring 2021 – After the usual offseason, League of Legends competitive action is slowly returning and with its spring season, which kicks off on January 9, the Chinese Pro League is leading the charge.

Top Esports

It’s the first league to come back, which means we can expect a steady stream of League matches from this weekend onwards. The LPL even kicks off with the league’s hottest match as Top Esports takes on Suning in a rematch of the Worlds semifinals.

Which Teams Are Competing?

As usual in the LPL, we will see the same teams, with the majority of teams remaining as they were in 2020. However, as Dominus Esports rebranded to TT, and Vici Gaming rebranded to Rare Atom, these are the two key changes to be noted.

Other than that, we’re going to see all the usual Chinese favourites and underdogs, including former Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix World Champions, as well as recent top teams like Top Esports and Suning.

That remains relatively unchanged when it comes to the season itself, too. Teams will still compete in weekly best-of-three matches, although compared to last season’s seven, the spring season has been extended to 10 weeks.

Has The Offseason Affected The LPL?

An offseason, as with any league, is bound to raise some questions. For some time, players have been inactive and a flurry of transfers may have taken place. While the first is true, surprisingly enough, not too many roster adjustments have been seen in the LPL.

Top and Suning, both of the Worlds performers, have seen only minor changes, changing around supports and coaches. Even notable performers such as Invictus and Victory Five have done little to shake things up, only actually adding as rotation options a few academy players.

Some teams, however, have made pretty big moves. LGD Gaming completely restructured their team, signing an entirely new lineup featuring three talents from the academy.Meanwhile, by signing world champion Nuguri, FunPlus Phoenix made the biggest headlines, completing a star-studded lineup.

Overall, things generally remain the same in the LPL, apart from a select few teams, and for most, outcomes will come down to form and player skills, rather than radical winter changes.

Top Esports and Suning

During the summer, Top was certainly the team to watch in the LPL. They dominated the regular season, losing only three times in 16 matches, and in the playoffs they were expected to take the top spot.

At the Worlds, they struggled a little, almost losing to Fnatic and being eliminated by regional rival Suning in the semis. We can expect to see much of the same from them in 2021, with changes to the coaching staff and a substitute support player.

One of the LPL’s main talking points is undoubtedly Suning. The team went from being relatively obscure to making the World Championship Grand Finals. You may not have heard of Suning if you weren’t a fan of the LPL, but now all attention will be on them.

Like Top, the roster stays largely unchanged, with the only major difference being a coaching shift. In 2020, Suning was already a top performer in the league, losing only one more match, and qualifying in third position for the Worlds.