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Top Esports vs Ultra Prime Prediction – LPL Summer – 07/31

Top Esports vs Ultra Prime prediction

Top Esports vs Ultra Prime prediction

Top Esports vs Ultra Prime prediction on July 31, 2021. With the possession of names with extremely impressive personal skill sets. Of course, Top Esports will actively force fights from the very beginning of the game. Experts predict that Top Esports will be the team to bring home more first kills in this match.

Top Esports Overview

With the latest victory against LNG Esports, Top Esports is having a solid foothold in the top 10 LPL. They are owning 8 wins and 5 losses temporarily ranked 7th on the rankings. Clashing with a team that has run out of motivation like Ultra Prime is clearly a better chance to bring home a victory. In the previous 3 encounters since the opponent’s name was eStar, Top Esports has not lost any. With their strength, experts believe that Top Esports will win. But it will not be an easy victory when the recent performance is lacking stability.

Ultra Prime Overview

Ultra Prime with the latest defeat to Rare Atom has owned 4 consecutive losses, which is not surprising when they have no motivation in the remaining matches. Confronting a big man of the tournament Top Esports is of course a difficult problem. But it is the fact that there is nothing left to lose that becomes Ultra Prime’s powerful weapon when competing without any calculation. With the opponent having a string of unstable performances, at least Ultra Prime will bring home 1 game win in this match.

Top Esports vs Ultra Prime prediction

It is the gameplay of Top Esports that has harmed them many times, despite attacking with fire. But Top Esports is always caught up in combat without knowing how to slow down the game. 

That leads to them being hit with counterattacks when situations move too deep into the opponent’s court, or failure at the beginning of the game causes Top Esports to snowball backward. Looking at previous matches, Top Esports can knock down EDward Gaming or Royal Never Give Up on a good day. But it’s also easy to lose against a declining team like Invictus Gaming. 

Obviously, the mentality of the top door, as well as the fighting style of Top Esports, will cause a lot of harm, Ultra Prime with the spirit of having nothing to lose can make Top Esports taste the bitter fruit. However, experts believe that it is just a little surprise that Ultra Prime brings, so the final score of this match is predicted to be 2-1 in favor of Top Esports.

Top Esports vs Ultra Prime bet prediction

Top Esports vs Ultra Prime total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Top Esports
  • Game 2: Ultra Prime
  • Game 3: Top Esports

Total score 2-1 (Ultra Prime win)

Handicap bet (Ultra Prime is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Ultra Prime

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Top Esports
  • Game 2: Ultra Prime
  • Game 3: Top Esports

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Top Esports 18-5 Ultra Prime (Under)
  • Game 2: Top Esports 7-20 Ultra Prime (Over)
  • Game 3: Top Esports 17-6 Ultra Prime (Over)


Top Esports: Qingtian, JackeyLove, Karsa, knight, Zhuo

Ultra Prime: zs, Smlz, H4cker, irma, ShiauC