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Top strong support heroes but not picked in metagame 7.26 Dota 2

support hero

support hero

Many of these heroes do not require high skills and can be learned to play by most gamers. This article will discuss the three-strong support hero in meta 7.26 Dota 2: help us play well and can be buffed in the next patch.

Winter Wyvern – Support hero

Winter Wyvern may not be reliable. The hero is not effective against solitary objects and the ability to stay in the Winter Wyvern lane is also limited. Because of a long cooldown from Arctic Burn and very low base damage. However, there is no better support hero than Winter Wyvern in handling the pushing in the middle of the game.

Splinter Blast is a remote wave creep cleanup that can be used to protect towers from a safe distance. Although it does not kill wave creeps immediately, usually leaving one piece behind. The strength of Splinter Blast increases with the number of opponents. It doesn’t really help you win against zoo squads. But it allows the team to gain more resources throughout the map and be more ready when the opponent starts pushing high. This is one of the skills that a support hero can counter a strong zoo roster in version 7.26.

The biggest reason for this strong support hero lies in his ultimate. Winter’s Curse can quickly turn the tables on a team fight and very few zoo heroes are able to counter this. Especially when the number of enemy troops is too much. It is also effective against Lycan, the hero usually needs to reach the target later in the game. But it can also be used on Beastmaster or one of the opponent’s teammates easily. A strong support hero that heroes in meta 7.26 are extremely afraid of.

Winter Wyvern currently has a 52% win rate in all games at the highest rank. The hero is probably the strongest opening pick for position 4 or 5 in pubs. Opponents are forced to give up the animal squad or will face danger from Winter Wyvern.

Vengeful Spirit

The win rate is 51% but this support hero is rarely present in the current pub. Vengeful Spirit is not a flashy hero in the game, but Vengeful Spirit is quite effective. Although she doesn’t have an AoE lockdown, she’s still a very strong pick in most team fights while a good teammate in the lane.

The current Magic Missle has to say poorly. Magic Missles with Vengeful Spirit are not strong a support hero. Of course, stun is still stunned and 1.4 seconds of disabling are definitely helpful. But it is best to only raise one point, instead of trying to max this skill. Due to the insignificant amount of damage increased.

Meanwhile, Wave of Terror really is the tool to overwhelm the current lane for a support hero. If training regularly, will help you easily eat range creeps in the lane. If the opponent always watches me deny, while annoying them with debuff minus armor. Armor is what makes Wave of Terror useful and powerful until the later stages, -6 armor is really strong.

However, like Winter Wyren, the ultimate is something to compliment. Nether Swap is one of the most powerful and mobile maneuvers in the game. It can be used to save, open combat, cancel TP (through BKB), and also have two charges. Choosing a reasonable standing position is what many pub gamers have the most difficulty with. Vengeful Spirit can punish opponents if they choose a wrong standing position. In addition, Nether Swap is also used to correct mistakes from teammates who choose the wrong position, sacrifice themselves to save them. What a strong support hero in many different versions not only in 7.26.