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Transport Fever 2 Guide – Useful Beginners Tips & Tricks

Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 is a rich and rich management sim with a diverse range of services. Combining your traditional transport sim with historic tech, a detailed campaign, and more control over your city planning, TF2 may seem a bit overwhelming at first – so here we to clarify that a bit.

Plan – Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2

You will start your life as a small local transportation company and want to build your empire to be global and work flawlessly so spend your time in the game. Play first and don’t get mad. Just like in real life, tearing down structures and infrastructure costs a lot of money, and wastes whatever resources and cash you love pouring in in the first place, so Please limit your purchases until you are sure of your direction. 

Let’s guide you through the game and save as much money as you can in the early stages while balancing customer satisfaction. Do things well on a small scale and your empire will grow faster than you could ever imaging.

The Little People

It’s easy to forget as you zoom in and out of your town in Transport Fever 2, considering the huge constructions or the gorgeous new vehicles, but it’s the people who make the town – and the people who make you money. You should not assume that just because an area is outside the catchment area that is your next focus point. Zoom in on your citizens and get to know them; Their routes and wishes should be your primary guide, so don’t underestimate their importance.

RGB – Transport Fever 2

Use your palette like you’re literally using Rembrandt. The further you go in the game, the more you’ll need them to line up your transport links. As you can imagine, TF2 is a bit crowded visually at times, and you’ll want to keep your planning a few steps ahead. Remember to check the catchment areas and monitor your activity lines.


Transport Fever 2

Earn money 100 times easier by connecting towns. Resources and transport links will be tightly coupled if you build them just outside the starting towns, allowing the city to gradually swell around them. Watch and find out as your cities merge and don’t forget to gather resources into your suburbs, not just downtown. The bigger your city, the more people you rely on – and the more money you’ll make.

Do Not Get Lost – Transport Fever 2

It’s easy to get lost in the user interface, especially if you’re a frequent user of Cities: Skylines and are used to a different grading system. Just remember that no matter what type of building, vehicle, or path you’re looking for – it all depends on the area that will use it the most, not the type of object. These areas are divided into Road, Rail, Sea, Air, and Terrain. If you want to stop the truck, quit searching for the building menu and click the Roads tab. Also watch for overcrowded menus etc., as you can easily take your eyes off the ball and end up with a huge shortfall in an area you never check out.

Special Items

Transport Fever 2

Keep an eye on specialized vehicles and buildings in Transport Fever 2, as they tend to be hugely profitable if you can strategize for their shortfalls. If you are creating a connection between a farm and a food factory, you may only need a truck or train carrying grain. They may not be the flashiest vehicles but think carefully, as you will reap the rewards of higher capacity and lower price if you keep this in mind.