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Trials of Fire Guide – Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Trials of Fire

Trials of Fire is a rather unique game that combines both roguelike card mechanics and strategy-based gameplay. You’ll do your best to keep your heroes alive, as they traverse a deadly wilderness on their quest. As with most video games, the game is literally a case of *trial* and error, as you learn the best way to combine cards and balance your resource investment into spawning maintaining, or upgrading. But who says that means you can’t skip a step or two?

Pick Battles – Trials of Fire

Trials of Fire

This advice will be familiar to most roguelike fans, but it’s important. When you first enter the world and are surrounded by side quests and favorites, it is tempting to try them all and reap all the rewards. But roguelikes are inherently consumable, and the game is no different.

You need to fight to level up, earn obsidian and powerful gear, but it’s important to remember that the hardest battle awaits at your next mission marker. Anything that weakens you before that confrontation is counterproductive and only increases your chances of getting killed. 

Focus On Individual Enemies

This may sound obvious, but in Trials of Fire, cards are associated with individuals, so killing them immediately removes those cards from play, as well as mana and Potential armor that enemies can gain from eliminating them. This is especially important like in the game, you often find yourself being overwhelmed by your opponents, and the only way to get on the board is to quickly focus on them.

There are some great tools for doing this, such as Combo Strikes, which allow adjacent characters to attack for free when one of your heroes attacks. Using chokepoints so that only one enemy can attack at a time is also useful. A head-to-head matchup with an opponent with more cards and offensive potential always costs you dearly, so killing an enemy is the fastest way to level that playing field.

Get Ready – Trials of Fire

Trials of Fire

Most of the synergies in the game revolve around playing cards with extended effects. These can give you armor at the beginning of each turn or increase the damage of magic, melee, or ranged attacks. If possible, you’re better off starting to play these at the start of a battle, cultivating that synergy, while letting your opponent waste energy closing the gap.

That said, not all battles are created equal and if inaction leaves you in a position of compromise then you’re better off moving. But usually, you have a short peaceful period at the start of the battle where you can start getting those summoner spells.


Trials of Fire

Camping is an important part of Trials of Fire that restores health but also gives you space to tweak your deck, upgrade gear, and heal wounds. Resting in your camp consumes food and restores health no matter what you do, so you better never waste an opportunity to change decks. With this, you should also purchase upgrade materials when possible.

You can easily panic and spend all your money on food, but despite the appearance, there are still plenty of villages scattered across the map where you can always earn more. What’s worse is going to a boss fight and realizing you’re not strong enough and should have invested more in upgrades.