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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Trish Moves, Strategy Guide



One of the new female warriors introduced in Vanilla, Trish is seen for the first time as a heroine in the Devil May Cry series. But before being a heroine and an aide, she was first created by a demon to trick Dante. She shares Dante’s mother, Eva, and also wields the demon sword Sparda. She also disguised herself as Gloria in Devil May Cry 4 in order to be closed to the Order of the Sword members. Capcom then transforms Gloria’s ego into her DLC Costume.

Trish Gameplay


Her games often allow her to cast her magic through trapping and firing bullets at opponents, which classifies her as a far-away character. As a Sparda user, she could become a combat expert with simple moves with a fairly long range. She also uses Luce & Ombra’s favorite guns that she first got in Devil May Cry 2 and also retains her lightning-based attacks.

Special Moves And Command Normals

Stiletto Kick

Her Stiletto Kick and can only be performed in the air. Her kick hits high but can be stopped low

Low Voltage

Her main projectile. She uses her affinity to lightning and shoots them at her opponent. The number of bolts she summons depends on the strength of the button is used

Trick “Hopscotch”

One of her traps. She summons a lightning trap that can only be activated when her opponent steps on it. This can be a good combo expansion move as it shoots upwards so her opponent can’t spawn for a while.

Trick “Peekaboo”

Her ultimate special trap move. She places an invisible (but visible through some sparks) electrical trap to shock and arrest the opponent.

Round Trip

Trish uses her sword Sparda to swing around as she throws it to the opponent and turns back like a boomerang. This move was originally seen in Devil May Cry used by Dante.

Switch Sign

This move is only available if she uses a Round Trip. The strength of the button determines its effect on Sparda, where the sword can be slowed back when returning to her, stopping at its current position, or making the sword move faster.

Air Raid

Trish enters the flight mode for a while with a golden aura surrounding her.

Trish Hyper Combos


Maximum Voltage

She summons a magic yellow circle and shoots the opponent with a burst of lightning. This super attack is her best finishing blow after having Low Voltage in the air or after finishing a combo in the air as it has now hit OTG.

Round Harvest

This is the super version of Trish in Round Trip. She turns Sparda into a scythe and throws it at her opponent in a spinning motion. This super combo is also very close to the opponent and is great when used in Hyper Combo Delayed (DHC).

Duet Pain

Her biggest damage combo with 400,000 damage does not scale. She makes a pose while using Sparda and launches her opponent. While in the air, she uses her gun, Luce & Ombra, and shoots multiple shots at her opponents. Sparda then smashes the opponent to the ground and generates a blast of energy before Sparda forms a scythe and slices them off Trish.