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TT Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction – LPL Summer – 07/26

TT Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction

TT Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction

TT Gaming vs Ultra Prime prediction on July 26, 2021. Ultra Prime and TT Gaming have both had pretty bad performances since entering the group stage of this LPL Summer 2021 season. However, for comparison, TT Gaming is still a lot worse than Ultra Prime and that is also the reason why they are the underrated team in this match.

TT Gaming Overview

ThunderTalk Gaming considers hopeless for the rest of the season, so far they have only brought back 2 wins, the remaining 10 are 10 losses, then winning all the remaining matches is not enough to finish in the top 10. 

Clashing with an opponent who has the same fate as me, Ultra Prime is clearly the opportunity to hit the most comfortable, despite being rated as the bottom door, but even ThunderTalk Gaming has just won in the nearest match. It can be seen that ThunderTalk Gaming will bring back at least 1 winning game in this match, while the opponent is still in a down form.

Ultra Prime Overview

The group stage is considered to have ended with Ultra Prime, with the latest defeat to Rare Atom, the opportunity to finish in the top 10 is considered to be over for them. These last matches are considered to be gentle with Ultra Prime themselves. Anyway, they have no motivation to take it as an opportunity for the whole team to train in the most serious way. 

Although looking forward to a victory to end their consecutive losing streak, it is difficult for Ultra Prime to have an overwhelming victory when they are in such poor form as they are currently.

TT Gaming vs Ultra Prime prediction

These two teams have relatively different playstyles, with ThunderTalk Gaming their strength coming from a fairly even team, but it must be admitted that their low level makes it difficult for them to go far.

On the contrary, Ultra Prime has not bad names in the lineup, zs in solo lane or H4cker in jungle and finally, Smlz in AD carry position. Their playstyle is simply to focus on Smlz in the late game to balance the map, but this is very easy to catch, especially when facing experienced teams.

With what has been listed above, of course, the first victory in this match will belong to Ultra Prime, they have a strong teamfight at the beginning of the game. If you can do well in the laning phase, even Ultra Prime will immediately snowball the opponent. This is completely reasonable when ThunderTalk Gaming is a team that is not too stubborn and easy to make mistakes. 

However, in theory, it is, but it does not mean that Ultra Prime will win overwhelmingly easily when many other teams have neutralized this tactic.

TT Gaming vs Ultra Prime bet prediction

TT Gaming vs Ultra Prime total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Ultra Prime
  • Game 2: ThunderTalk Gaming
  • Game 3: Ultra Prime

Total score 1-2 (ThunderTalk Gaming win)

Handicap bet (ThunderTalk Gaming is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose ThunderTalk Gaming

First Kill

  • Game 1: Ultra Prime
  • Game 2: ThunderTalk Gaming
  • Game 3: Ultra Prime

Total Kills:

  • Game 1: ThunderTalk Gaming 8-15 Ultra Prime (Under)
  • Game 2: ThunderTalk Gaming 17-12 Ultra Prime (Over)
  • Game 3: ThunderTalk Gaming 5-19 Ultra Prime (Under)

First Dragon Kill:

  • Game 1: ThunderTalk Gaming
  • Game 2: Ultra Prime
  • Game 3: Ultra Prime


ThunderTalk Gaming: Langx, Xiaopeng, Captain, SamD, Patch

Ultra Prime: zs, H4cker, irma, Smlz, ShiauC