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TT128 Fish Shooting Promotion – Shoot Fish For Money

TT128 Fish Shooting Promotion

TT128 is one of the new game companies but has a fairly solid position in the Vietnamese game market, but TT128 has attracted more and more people to bet by its credibility, transparency and types of games. diverse. Especially, there is a version of the best-selling fish shooting game that once playing the game will never forget with TT128 Fish Shooting Promotion and a special experience.

TT128 Fish Shooting Promotion

TT128 fish shooting promotion DETAILS

1. This TT128 Fish Shooting Promotion is only for customers who top-up the game for the first time, this promotion starts from October 1, 2020 (GMT + 8) until further notice.

    2. TT128 Fish Shooting Promotion applies to members whose registered currency is VND.

    3. The requirements for this award are illustrated as follows:

TT128 Fish Shooting Promotion

    4. To request a promotion simply contact the support team via Email or Live Chat with the quote: “Welcome Shoot Fish”

           Please provide your account at TT128 and the Deposit amount, the Bonus Shot Wallet will be updated with your virtual sports wallet within 24 hours.

    5. Before withdrawing, member needs to fulfill the requirement of the promotion which is deposit plus bonus multiplied by 20 times (x 20)

           For example:

           Deposit: 400,000VND

           Bonus: 80,000VND (20%)

           Revenue required: (400,000 + 80,000) x 20 = 14,400,000VND

    6. After successful registration, the bonus can only be used for wagering in Slot Games.

    7. TT128 reserves the right to refuse to withdraw bonus + winnings of any member if the required turnover is not reached.

    8. If the member does not complete the required turnover within 30 days of receiving this Promotion, all bonuses and winnings will be automatically forfeited.

    9. Comply with TT128 standard promotional terms and conditions.

Advantages of shooting fish game at TT128

As a newcomer to the game of shooting fish TT128, you cannot help but know the joy of shooting fish, TT128 can rest assured to bring to their customers extremely effective and attractive promotions. healthy playing environment, no cheating, high bonus rate.

TT128 fish shooting promotion for Vietnamese users

Like other card games, TT128 offers many promotional activities for players to shoot fish. In particular, if you play shooting fish to eat coins, new customers also have their own login bonus mode.

You not only claim the bonus for the first deposit, but when you transfer and hunt fish, there are many other monthly promotions, you have a great holiday to enjoy fishing and rewarding,

Professional support

Well-trained 24/7 staff can help you solve any customer problems quickly. If you encounter any problem in the shooting game, you can immediately contact staff to be solved.

A healthy and secure game environment

Shoot fish at TT128, you can rest assured, because TT128’s anti-fraud mechanism does not allow anyone to sabotage and use tricks to make money. Therefore, all players have a healthy and safe environment for gaming. At the same time, your information is completely confidential.

Instructions to play shooting fish at TT128

To shoot fish, first you need to register an account on the homepage TT128.net. Please note that when registering an account, you must find the correct address of the dealer to avoid falling into the case of fake TT128. The link to the dealer TT128 is regularly updated.

Next, when you have a TT128 account, log in and choose “Shoot fish” in the list on the screen displayed. You can choose the demo version or top up to start the game right away and get cash.

Currently, TT128 offers many versions of shooting fish for you to choose easily such as: shooting fish Momo, king shooting fish, shooting fish coins, shooting 3D fish, shooting dragon, shooting fish Phat Loc, …

In particular, some versions of the TT128 shooting fish can be played directly online, or you can also download them to your computer or phone for a better experience without worrying about stuttering or freezing.

After choosing your favorite fish, you need to turn gold into bullets by clicking on the plus sign in the lower left corner of the screen. Each click will lose 100 gold. Now you can shoot bullets to make more money.

TT128 Fish Shooting Promotion


Therefore, I have introduced to you the TT128 fish shooting promotion of the TT128 and the promotional activities being applied.

If you like fishing, please register for an account on TT128 to experience the best, most beautiful version and get the highest profit. TT128 is committed to making you satisfied! Have a good time at TT128.