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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Black Manta

Black Manta

Black Manta

Black Manta acts as a stage hazard in the Atlantis game, as part of the transition from Trench Queen Kindergarten. He is also a downloadable character from the Second Fighter Pack. His goal is to use Brainiac’s attack as a distraction to destroy Atlantis in revenge for his father’s death at the hands of Aquaman.

Black Manta Biography

Black Manta

As the forces converged on Atlantis and its King, a stream of vengeance flowed through the ruthless mercenary on the seafloor known as the Black Manta. Vowing to avenge the death of his father, he has long been waiting in the dark at the time of his arrival.

Powers and Abilities

He is a skilled undersea swimmer, with a bodysuit that allows him to survive the intense pressure of deep ocean trenches, and possesses a high-powered laser that can fire. out of my lens. He is also an unskilled boxer who has hit Aquaman many times.

Black Manta Special Moves

  • Manta Rays: Black Manta shoots a blast of heat that focuses on the opponent, making them dizzy. The Meter Burn version deals extra damage and knocks the opponent back into full screen.
  • Shark Attack: He flies towards his opponent, grabs them, and sends them back to the ground. Meter Burn’s version causes him to shoot out his manta rays.
  • Torpedo Cannon: Manta fires a torpedo from the shoulder cannon at the opponent. The Meter Burn version shoots out another torpedo, dealing bonus damage.
  • Harpoon: Manta shoots guns at opponents, sweeps them in, and shoots his rays at the opponent. The Meter Burn version deals extra damage and pushes the opponent away.
  • Rising Tide: Manta disappears on the ground and teleports below the opponent, knocking them out. Meter Burn’s version causes him to shoot his manta rays at opponents after taking them down, dealing extra damage.

Super Move

Spears and Seared: Black Manta activates his trident and lunges at the opponent. He then uses two shoulder-mounted rocket launchers to blow up the opponent and shoot his spear gun to pull the opponent towards him before ending with the helmet’s eye laser, burning the opponent.

Black Manta Easy Combos

Black Manta
  • Hunting the Others (Square, Triangle, X, Triangle): This combo is a simple attack combination that can be strung with a special number.
  • Flooded (Back + Square, Square, Up + X): This is the bread and butter combo for him. You can use this simple combination to initiate a combo with some specials like Rising Tide or fire off the Meter Burned Rising Tide / Torpedo Cannon.
  • Great White Strike (Back + Square, Square, Up + X, Down + Triangle): Not as simple as the others but still easy to do by yourself. This combo will throw your opponent into the air before defeating them. This is a great match with Black Manta specials.
  • Scared Scavenger (Back + TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE): Another simple combo that works well in combination or ending combo.
  • The Bends (Forward + Triangle, Square, X): Like the Hunter the Other combo, The Bends is a simple attack combo that can deal multiple hits. It’s also a great way to initiate combos as long as you then use Meter’s Tide to kick your opponent.