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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Darkseid



As an embodiment of pure hatred, the lord of Apokolips, Darkseid demands complete submission of all existence. His ruthless obsession left suffering and doom as he sought the Equation Against Life. With his invincible body, infinite strength, the army of Parademons, and the destructive power of Tia Omega making him not only a threat to this world but to every world at hand.

Darkseid Base stats

  • STR — 1,250.
  • ABL — 1,000.
  • DEF — 800.
  • HP — 1,100.

Special moves


Omega Beams

Down, Forward + Light Attack.

Darkseid shot zigzag beams on the screen.

Note: Meter Burn available; can be pressed up or down to guide the attack (but very difficult), and can be performed on the ground or in the air.

Low Omega Beams

Down, Back + Light Attack.

He shoots a beam towards the opponent’s leg at a short distance.

Upward Omega Beams

Down, Back + Medium Attack.

He fires a beam at an angle of 45 degrees towards an opponent in the air.

Note: Meter Burn is available.

Palm Blast

Down, Forward + Medium Attack.

He performs a series of three blows with the palm of his hand.

Note: Meter Burn is available.

Boom Tube

Down, Back + Heavy Attack.

He teleports behind the opponent using one of his signature Boom Tubes.

Note: Can be performed while standing or jumping.

Flying Knee

Back, Forward + Heavy Attack.

Darkseid charged forward with a knee kick.

Note: Meter Burn is available.

Air Doom Stomp

Down, Forward + Heavy Attack.

He jumps on top of his enemy and follows with an Omega Beam blast.

Note: Must be done in the air.

Character Power

Gate to Apokolips (Circle/B)

He opens the Boom Tube, allowing the Parademons to assist him in battle:

  • Flying Parademon – Circle/B
  • Charing Parademon – Back + Circle/B
  • Explosive Parademon – Forward + Circle/B

Pressing the character’s Power button once will summon a flying parademon. Press the button again to let the parademon fire a projectile, then it disappears. If Darkseid hits the bullet before firing, the parademon will disappear without firing. If he does not hit or shoot bullets, the parademon will shoot itself after a short while.

He can also summon two types of parademon instead. Hold left while pressing the Character Power button to summon a green minion using Boom Tube to launch a melee attack at the opponent. Hold right while pressing the Character Power button to summon a red parademon that explodes in flaming flames at close range.

Darkseid Supermove


Boss Darkseid (R2+L2/RT+LT)

He unleashes his Omega Tia as the player controls their direction. This move can be blocked. If the beams hit an opponent, they will be raised into space with these beams forcing them to crash into multiple satellites and space debris. The opponent then hits his extended palm before being crushed, pulled through an exploding tube, and thrown aside by him.

Darkseid impressions

Injustice 2 ships with 27 characters unlocked by default, with an additional villain, Brainiac, unlocked upon completion of Story mode. The twenty-ninth character, Darkseid, was originally offered as a pre-order bonus. Now that the game is out, he can be purchased for $ 5.99.

The most important thing the Lord of Apokolips has for him is his strength. Each of his hits produces a huge punch. Jump in with a heavy aerial attack and you can track a Palm Blast hit or other moves to deal massive damage.