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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Deadshot



A hired assassin and the world’s greatest marksman, Floyd Lawton will commit any crime if the price is to be paid. Despite his desire to die, he still works hard to protect his ex-wife and daughter. In Injustice 2, Deadshot is a reluctant ally of Gorilla Grodd, who keeps the detonator for the bomb in Lawton’s neck.

He is a hired assassin and the greatest marksman in the world. As a mercenary, he would commit any murder at the cost of a notorious suicidal wish. Despite this, he still works very hard to protect his estranged ex-wife Susan Lawton and daughter Zoe Lawton. He used to be a member of Checkmate, Killer Elite, Secret Six, and Death Squad.

Playing as Deadshot


When it comes to Deadshot, this master assassin wields his weapon in his combo moves. His 1, 2, 3 streaks ended with multiple hits. You can cancel after the first shot to expand your combo. Your B + 1, 2 starts with a low and ends with a well-range high.

Once in close range, you need to try to mess with this and even start combos. The f + 2, 3 starts with an overhead move and throws your opponent in the distance, so use this if you need some breathing space.

You can use his b + 1, 2, d + 3 as the endings that end with slides. I don’t recommend using this chain against strong opponents because you can easily get punished. On the other hand, b + 1, 2, u + 3 allows you to create some space and you can also cancel it in Special Movements.

His B + 2, 3, 3 are great to use against oppressive opponents. Another similar attack is 3, 3 which you can use to expand the combo but only in the corner. Finally, f + 1, 2, 3 is another sequence that ends in gunshots with Deadshot backing up a bit. Coming to Special Attack, b, f + 1 is a fast-moving move that you can do in the air.

The MB version shoots multiple shots and allows him to move forward or backward while firing. The d, b + 1 keys allow him to shoot multiple shots during the retreat. It has more Boot Frames than b, f + 1 but also does more damage. His d, f + 2 allow him to shoot a bullet off the ground at different distances – depending on the enemy’s location.

Special Moves

  • Assassin Knee: Left, Right + Heavy Attack
  • Deadly Assault: Down, Left + Heavy Attack
  • Trick Shot: Down, Right + Medium Attack
  • Wrist Cannon: Left, Right + Light Attack

Character Power

Living Weapon (Circle/B)

Deadshot can alter bullets fired from his wrist cannon:

  • Incendiary Ammo (Circle/B): More damage over time
  • Explosive Ammo (Back + Circle/B): Deals extra damage and kills
  • Poison Ammo (Forward + Circle/B): Drain opponent’s super meter

Deadshot Supermove


Never Miss (R2+L2/RT+LT)

He took out his rifle and lowered it to his opponent’s head. This move can be offensive, and Deadshot needs to be close to the enemy. If successful, he would throw his rifle in the air and then begin taking down his opponent. He grabs the rifle as it falls from the sky, slings it over his shoulder, and shoots him in the head.