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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Firestorm



The two minds share a super-powerful body, Jason Rusch and Martin Stein are only just beginning to master their abilities as the Firestorm. However, reconciling Jason’s rudeness with Martin’s more experimental approach is no small task. Although the two disagree much, one thing they never argue with is helping Batman rebuild a safer world.

Firestorm Story


The Firestorm, along with the Blue Beetle, is ordered by Batman to be the last line of defense for the imprisoned Superman if the remnants of the Mode try to free him, with their role being more needed due to the Brainiac invasion.

After Brainiac started the second phase of his plan, Jason is arguing with Jaime about Batman not seeing them as important in the face of Brainiac’s invasion. Dr. Stein tells Jason to look at the bigger picture and remember he has yet to master his powers, with Jaime outlining the abilities of the Scarab and Matrix, when used against Brainiac, destroy the world.

Angered, Jason told them to listen to themselves, reminding them that they were the bad guys, and “the bad guys on the front lines.” Dr. Stein says they are on the front line, saying that Brainiac’s invasion was a “crisis”, but the destruction of both Superman and Brainiac is “doomsday”, with Jaime summarizing that they are in the midst of a crisis and an apocalypse, and Jason readily agrees with this point.

As the prison begins to shake due to the attack by Black Adam and Wonder Woman, Dr. Stein suggests to Jason that they merge, and the two become Firestorm. The Blue Beetle and he eventually rush out to protect the center of the power, as the entire defense system is linked to it, allowing Superman to escape if it closes.

Firestorm Base stats

  • Strength: 1150
  • Ability: 1050
  • Defense: 1000
  • Health: 950

Special Moves

For the character with the word fire in his name, Firestorm plays exactly as you would expect. He uses many fire-infusing moves to burn any opponent

Special MovePS4Xbox One
Fusion BlastBack, Forward + SquareBack, Forward + X
Energy ShieldDown, Back + SquareDown, Back + X
Molten TrapBack, Down + TriangleBack, Down + Y
Close Molten TrapBack, Down + Triangle, BackBack, Down + Y, Back
Far Molten TrapBack, Down + Triangle, ForwardBack, Down + Y, Forward
Fusion ChargeBack, Forward + XBack, Forward + A
Atomic BurstDown, Back + XDown, Back + A

Character Power

Particle Man (Circle/B)

He calls upon the Eternal Flame to grant him a power of damage and overtime healing. Eternal Flame has a total of three levels with each level giving him the ability to deal more damage and heal faster.

Firestorm Supermove


Molecular Mayhem (R2+L2/RT+LT)

Firestorm fires a spark at her opponent. This move can be blocked and he must be at least an average distance from the opponent. If successful, he soars up high and throws several fireballs at the enemy. He then dives underground and floats below his opponent. Pulling them into the air, he smashes two superheated molecules at the opponent, causing an explosion.