April 22, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Geese Howard

Geese Howard

Geese Howard

Geese Howard is a playable guest character in the Tekken series of fighting games. He is from Fatal Fury (known as Garou (Hungry Wolves) in Japan), Art of Fighting, and The King of Fighters created by SNK, where he acts as the recurring boss of the Fatal Fury series. . Believing in the principle of innate power, Geese craved all forms of power, be it physical and spiritual, for money and other possessions. He first appeared in Tekken 7 as a DLC character.

Geese Howard Overview

Geese Howard

Geese Howard strikes a balance between a ball of fire + penetrating a net at a longer range and a heavy exploding lethal with lethal mixes and protections with a close gauge. And if the enemy gets Predictabo – The Goose has the deadliest equal in damage in the game for both the medium and low with his unique commands. 

Among the “2D” characters, Geese has the best movement, safer and easier than Akuma but not lethal, while riskier and harder than Eliza, but with a more diverse set of tools. Goose is a solid but unreliable high-level character due to its dependence on gauges. On the other hand, Geese is one of the strongest characters with 1 meter and is arguably the strongest character in the game with all 3 resource bars.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • With meter one of the strongest and most lethal characters in the game due to unique, mixed, reset, and moving games using insane meters
  • Zigzag well with long-range fireball and poke
  • Exercise well
  • The “trajectory” launcher is well safe
  • The worst character in the game with the best thanks, emojis, and memes!


  • Very average or worse without gauges
  • No quick launcher without meter
  • Below-average and low-risk level
  • Terrifying hiss and blocking the punishment further

Geese Howard Evaluation

  • Space control: Good
  • Poking: Average
  • Damage: Average – Best* (meter)
  • Block punishment: average – good*
  • Whiff punishment: Bad
  • Movement: Good
  • Difficulty: Hard

Strategy and tactics

Geese Howard

Goose at the start of a match is a medium or worse character but can hold himself with fireballs, jabs, ropes, and decent attacks to keep enemies on top. The main goal of Geese Howard is to achieve the first-meter bar as soon as possible, helping to unlock the 14-frame launcher from the standing state and the option to enter maximum mode through raw activation or cancel some moves. transfer certain.

Geese Howard Moves


  • x / xx = cancel into command normal / special move / super move
  • MM = Max Mode
  • MMc = Max Mode Cancel
  • RR = Raigou Reppuken (Fireball super)
  • RS = Raging Storm (Super)

Fighting Style

Geese Howard is said to be an expert martial artist who uses a personal style derived from his own teachings in Japanese martial arts. One of his main influences was Aikijujutsu, a defensive martial arts style with multiple throws, counter-throws, and buckles.

Because of its defensive nature, it is a style limited to the Atemi-Waza attacks. To reinforce its focus on attack, Geese also used Koryu-centered Japanese martial arts, schools of duel fighting dating back to the Warring States and samurai era, focusing on paralysis and onslaught, including styles unlike the Kazama martial arts school and the difficult styles of Aikido.