April 19, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Gigas



Gigas is quite a unique character in T7 in terms of gameplay. His ability to catch the ball is strong and his hitting pressure makes diving into the game of choice. This makes him unique for a large character, as larger characters tend to focus on more defensive gameplay.

Gigas Overview


Sadly, Gigas is known to be a very weak character, always at the bottom of every rank list. While that’s true on paper, it doesn’t matter how well your character is playing if you’re not at the highest level, plus, considering T7’s balance, You really don’t need to worry, Gigas has some great tools to do the job: great long-range game and great hold, good CH engine, super high damage, good standing punisher.

His ws punishers are of the weak type, with no way to launch at 15f to hurt, but his biggest problem is undoubtedly his movement, currently He’s the worst or second-worst in the game, alongside Kuma and Panda.

What’s more, most of his mid lanes put him at a heavy disadvantage in blocking, meaning you usually have to end your “turn” if one of your hits is blocked and forced. You have to rely more on your lows than other characters. You will need to play lots of moves and distances, keep your opponent within range to avoid pressure, and overuse your multiple repulses to create shots and lead opportunities.

Gigas Pros and Cons


  • Strong throw game.
  • Long reach on his arms.
  • Very strong jab punish.
  • Strong, quick, and easy punisher.
  • Strong combo canned with rage.
  • Good damage output with or without walls


  • The overall punishment is extremely poor apart from the jab.
  • Lows have poor range.
  • Gigas has poor sidestep.
  • Deals more damage in combos due to hitboxes.

Main moves


f1 + 2: 13f high for CH throws with 64 damage, it’s -9 on the block and it’s one of your best “get rid of me” moves. If you transact with it you will get d2 for free. On CH, it also has wallspalt and wallbreak when close enough (to the wall).

f2: long-range i16 counterattack launchers. If you think your opponent will rush in with a move to destroy them, use it to control the space and play at the range you want.

f2,1: Since f2 is -9 on the block here it is f2,1: the extension 1 is also high, +5 on hit, and -3 on the block. If it gets blocked at the head range and your opponent whistles trying to punish Gigas or his turn: explode, punish him. Don’t use this too much as it’s not in jail and you can get knocked out and thrown.

f2, d1: high, mid can be converted to the golem. +13 on hit, if it’s blocked, you’re at -13 unless you’re in a stance that makes it -2. This is really only there to prevent people from slowing down after f2.

df3,1: good exhaust i13. The extension is high but if you’re not using it, you’re at -9, it means your turn has ended. +4 for hitting, -4 for blocking if second counter hits you get 1.2 for free. Use this a lot, it will rarely be overlooked because people will be afraid of a 1 + 2 extension, so go ahead and use it. Great thing, if df3 trades on its own, you also get 1.2 for free.