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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Hellboy



As a member of the Paranormal Defense and Research Bureau, Hellboy has protected the world from demons, wizards, demons, and more than some Lovecraftian Gods. With Doom’s trusty revolver and Right Arm, he made the monster his specialty.

Hellboy Story


He serves as a downloadable character as part of Fighter Pack 2. In the game, Brainiac brought Hellboy from his original universe to add him to his ‘special collection’. He responded by beating him. His popularity then increased after defeating Brainiac, he was given positions and help from many individuals but became quickly depressed, saying ‘it was none of your business. That ‘. When he returned to his universe and entered the Bureau, things were not as usual. He soon decided to quit his job and asylum in Africa.

Powers and Abilities

While fighting, he wields his revolver as well as a variety of specialized grenades and magic relics; but most of his attacks are based on Doom’s Right Arm, his indestructible stone-like hand, which gives him a boost of strength and invulnerability, which is also the measure. His great defense. He also showed off his skillful marksmanship with his revolver, ‘Good Samaritan.’

Black Lightning and Vixen mentioned that they will lose everything to defeat him.

Hellboy Special Moves

  • Devil’s Revolver: He shoots his pistol at his enemies. May be delayed. Meter Burning attacks increase damage and hitboxes and knock opponents back.
  • Up Devil’s Revolver: He shoots his pistol upward. Meter Burning attack increases the damage and knocks the opponent back.
  • Devil’s Shoulder: The role of him lunges at his opponent, defeating them. Meter Burning attacks with him following by smashing Doom’s Right Arm on the head of an opponent to deal extra damage.
  • Hand of God: Hellboy reached out to Doom’s Right Arm, grabbed his opponents from the air, and smashed them to the ground. The attack cannot be intercepted once it makes contact with the enemy in the air. The Meter Burning attack causes him to stab opponents on the opposite side and cause them to pop out, allowing juggling but the hit has reduced damage.
  • Fist of Doom: He leaps into the air and smashes the ground below his opponent, knocking them out. While he is in the air, the player can cancel the attack before it hits the ground. The Meter Burning attack caused him to throw an additional 4 punches on his defeated opponents, with a final blow that sent them flying away.
  • Doom Fury: Hellboy grabbed his opponent and punched them three times with his Doom Right Hand with one final blow that sent them flying away. The Meter Burning attack had him grabbed his opponent with Doom’s Right Hand on the final blow and knocked them off the ground in a brief juggling.
  • Grave Digger: He yanks his opponent with his feet and shoves a relic that deals damage over time. The Meter Burning attack causes him to smash the opponent to the ground in the opposite direction after stabbing them, allowing juggling and dealing additional damage.

Super Move


Final Resting Place: Hellboy pulls out one of his medals and punches a hole in the ground with his fist, creates a portal to Hell, then crashes into players while the ground traps them, sending them. into the hole. He punched them many times while falling into Hell. The player lands and is attacked by demons while he performs an overhead smash with his ax before sending him and the player back to the battlefield.