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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a supervillain controlling plant, who regularly fights the Dark Knight, Batman. She is also Harley Quinn’s longtime friend. Despite her plant-based powers, she is a Utility User. She appears as a playable character in Injustice 2.

Poison Ivy Biography

Poison Ivy

Dr. Pamela Isley has been an innovative but radical plant biochemist with one single goal: to make the world safe for plant life to thrive. She joined the Association to advance their shared interest in kneeling humanity, but frankly, Ivy’s desire is to ensure that in any new world order, flora dominates object.

Powers and Abilities

Ivy uses her plants to aid in her attacks with methods like her poison, tentacles, and even plant-based creatures. Ivy’s agility and strength have improved allowing her to fight bare-handed with a bit of difficulty.

Poison Ivy Special Moves​​

Bed of Thorns: A move of ground-based targeting with 3 possible positions: close, mid, or far away from her. Poison Ivy throws many seeds to the ground in front of her (depending on the location) and grows thorny vines in an area of ​​the moderate area. Opponents take damage over time as they enter. The watch recording version increases damage. At the end of the term, the vines disappear.

Chompy & Bitey Bash: It is a close-range attack. Ivy crossed her arms over her chest, placed her hands on her shoulders, and ordered the trees on her back to attack her opponent, while the trunk was also crossed. The metered recording version made Ivy kick the opponent and send them full screen.

Datura Hammer: It is a stance with 4 different mid-range attacks. It prevents Ivy from walking, jumping, jumping, or blocking while active. But it can be disabled.

Kiss of death: An inevitable hit. Ivy grabbed the opponent’s face with one hand as she was about to kiss them, but then slapped them with the other hand. The watch-burning version made Ivy actually kiss each other and make them stunned for a short time. Both versions make the opponent standstill.

Rhytidome Skin: A defense buff for himself. Ivy slid her hands down the sides of her trunk and covered herself neck-down with a bark. She takes less damage while being hit, and takes no chip damage while blocking while active. At the end of this time, the bark will disintegrate and her appearance will return to normal.

Character Power

Poison Ivy

Night Shade: Poison Ivy summoned a short dinosaur-like plant creature from the ground, right behind where she was standing. It stays in place all the time and continuously spits liquid at the opponent as a bullet flies in an arc trajectory, landing at the spot they were at the time of firing, meaning only a brief moment where it could be evaded. If Ivy takes damage, the Darkness will disappear soon.

Burrow: Ivy orders the Night Shade to go underground, crash into the opponent in a low-power attack, and disappear afterward.

Poison Ivy Super Move

FEED ME: Mid-range attack. Ivy blows plant spores from her open hand at her opponent’s face.

Instantly, she summons the rich plant life in the surrounding area, temporarily turning it into a jungle-like environment, where a threatening shadow appears behind her opponent, and from there, a vine suddenly rushed out and wrapped them around the trunk, revealing it was the tongue of a giant Venus fly with more eyes and even more teeth, pulls the opponent back, catches them in the mouth and chews them three times before Ivy orders another vine to grab them from one leg and pull them away from the gag monster.

Poison Ivy made the vine to throw her opponent to the opposite side of where she stood and stab them through a vegetative wall before finally throwing them to the stage floor.