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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Supergirl



Injustice 2 opens with a scene featuring Supergirl, and she’s the one stealing the scene from the entire game. Boasting a variety of powerful moves that are no different from cousin Superman, her mission in Injustice 2’s storyline is to rescue her cousin from Batman’s confession.

Special Moves


The Special Moves of Supergirl revolve mainly around her flying abilities. Rising Sun Strike deals massive amounts of damage to opponents thanks to Kara’s ability to lift her enemies into the air with a punch, while Frost Breath does exactly what it says on the tin.

  • (Air) Dash Away – Left, Left
  • (Air) Dash Towards – Right, Right
  • (Air) Power Slam – Down + Throw
  • (Air) Space Port – Down, Left + Medium Attack
  • Asteroid Shower – Flip Stance + Meter Burn
  • Frost Breath – Down, Right + Medium Attack
  • Kryptonian Force – Left, Right + Heavy Attack
  • Rising Sun Strike – Down, Left + Light Attack
  • Space Port – Down, Left + Medium Attack
  • Super Hover (Air) – Down, Left + Light Attack

Character Power

The character Power of Supergirl is derived from her Kryptonian Lasers. Different variations of the Kryptonian Lasers skill depend on where Kara is performing the skill. Ground Blast will happen when she shoots a laser beam to the ground, while Straight Blast will happen when the character faces forward.

  • (Air) Close Ground Blast – Left + Character Power
  • (Air) Ground Blast – Down + Character Power
  • (Air) Straight Laser – Up + Character Power
  • Close Ground Blast – Down Left + Character Power
  • Ground Blast – Down + Heavy Attack
  • Straight Blast – Character Power
  • Up Blast – Left + Character Power
  • Walking Heat Vision – Character Power + Meter Burn

Combo Attacks


Her combo attacks mostly revolve around her sheer strength, especially Power Struggle, which can take down opponents in no time. The Silver Age is a simple yet sure skill to use, while the Forbidden Fortress can do a good deal of damage in a very short amount of time.

  • Crossroads of Time – Medium Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Elseworld’s Finest – Light Attack, Light Attack, Up + Heavy Attack
  • Forbidden Fortress – Medium Attack, Light Attack
  • Girl of Steel – Right + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Hail & Farewell – Left + Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Last Daughter of Krypton – Left + Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Matrix – Left + Medium Attack, Light Attack + Heavy Attack
  • Power of Rao – Right + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack, Light Attack
  • Power Struggle – Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • R’E’L – Medium Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack, Light Attack
  • Silver Age – Light Attack, Light Attack


Asteroid Shower (R2+L2/RT+LT)

Supergirl performs a head blow on her opponent. She should be within striking distance from the enemy, and they should not be blocked. If successful, she will grab the enemies and send them into space. Looping around the sun, she threw them back to Earth and released her laser beams. They plunge into opponents, break an asteroid, and bring them back into the arena. The migration ends with the asteroid debris attacking the enemy.