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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Superman



Krypton’s ambassador to Earth, Superman has long been one of the key figures in the DC Comics Universe, serving as a founding member of the Justice Alliance, while also taking on infamous opponents like Lex Luthor.

Superman Special Moves

Special moves of Superman are all based on his supernatural abilities, his laser eyes, and icy breath. Heat Vision is a good long-range attack while Rising Grab is a fairly simple move that can deal massive amounts of damage to any opponent.

  • (Air) Dash Away – Left, Left
  • (Air) Dash Forward – Right, Right
  • (Air) Flying Smash – Down + Heavy Attack
  • (Air) Heat Vision – Down, Left + Light Attack
  • Final Flight – Flip Stance + Meter Burn
  • Flying Punch – Left, Right + Heavy Attack
  • Heat Vision – Down, Left + Light Attack
  • Lockdown Launch – Down, Right + Light Attack
  • Rising Grab – Down, Right + Medium Attack
  • Super Breath – Down, Left + Medium Attack

Combo Attacks

Most of these attacks are based on the ultimate strength of Superman, allowing him to do excessive damage with his bare hands. The Kryptonite Bash is an easy skill to master and execute in battle, while the Speed ​​Bullet can stun opponents for a few critical moments.

  • Champion of The Oppressed – Right + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Great Purge – Light Attack, Light Attack, Light Attack
  • It’s a Bird – Light Attack, Light Attack
  • Justice – Right + Medium Attack, Down + Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Kryptonite Bash – Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Solitude Slam – Left + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Speeding Bullet – Medium Attack, Medium Attack
  • Steel Rush – Right + Medium Attack, Down + Light Attack
  • The Last Son – Medium Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Truth – Left + Medium Attack, Light Attack

Character Power


Unchained skill increases the damage of all of his attacks, while also increasing the enemy’s ability to pass through armor. This is an extremely useful skill when used at the right time, and gives Superman a clear advantage in any fight.

Basic Attacks of Superman

  • Ankle Breaker – Down + Heavy Attack
  • Bounce Cancel Krypton Smack – Left, Left, Meter Burn or Down, Left, Meter Burn
  • Bounce Cancel Kryptonian Strike – Right, Right, Meter Burn or Down, Right, Meter Burn
  • Cross Swipe – Right + Medium Attack
  • Double Strike – Up + Medium Attack
  • Flying Low – Down Right + Heavy Attack
  • God’s Fist – Down + Medium Attack
  • Heavy Hook – Heavy Attack
  • Hook Punch – Light Attack
  • Krypton Smack – Left + Heavy Attack
  • Kryptonian Grab – Left + Medium Attack
  • Kryptonian Strike – Right + Heavy Attack
  • Low Burn – Left + Light Attack
  • No Hope Smash – Up + Heavy Attack
  • Overhead Smash – Medium Attack
  • Quick Abuse – Down + Light Attack
  • Roll Escape – Right, Right, Meter Burn
  • Steel Fist – Up + Light Attack
  • Throw – Throw or Light Attack + Heavy Attack
  • Towards Throw – Right + Throw or Right + Light Attack + Heavy Attack
  • Up Air Escape – Up + Meter Burn

Superman Supermove

Final Flight

Superman rushes across the stage to grab an enemy who can block the attack. If he successfully catches his enemies, he will punch them in the air. As they fly, he leaps up and unleashes two punches before leaping forward, grabbing their faces, and then smashing them back onto the ring.