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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing The Flash

The Flash

The Flash

The Flash recently had a spike in popularity, getting its own TV show as well as getting a movie in the DC Cinematic Universe, all appearing alongside Batman, Superman, and others. another from the Justice League movie.

Special Moves

The Flash

As you might expect, his Special Moves revolve around his speed or his ability with lightning. Lightning Punches is an attack that can be done with ease, while also allowing you to take some breath away against your opponent.

  • Fists of Fury – Left, Right + Light Attack
  • Lightning Kick – Down, Right + Light Attack
  • Lightning Punches – Left, Right + Medium Attack
  • On Your Mark – Down, Down + Medium Attack

The Flash Supermove

Time Changer – Flip Stance, Right, Meter Burn

His Supermove saw him run his opponents around the world, smashing them into a Sphynx statue, before inflicting some heavy damage on them by way of a dinosaur. This move doesn’t require precision to perform, as all The Flash needs to do is have enemies in front of him and on the same level.

Character Power

Speed Zone

Once you’ve pressed the Character Source button, the speed of The Flash will naturally increase for a limited amount of time, causing him to move faster than his opponent in everything he does. This can be especially useful for dodging enemy attacks or for jumping over opponents to deal damage to their blind faces.

Combo Attacks

  • Forced Acceleration – Right + Medium Attack, Light Attack
  • Greased Lightning – Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Hot Pursuit – Light Attack, Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • In a Jiff – Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Lightspeed – Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Natural Disaster – Down + Light Attack, Down + Medium Attack, Down + Heavy Attack
  • On The Double – Left + Medium Attack, Medium Attack
  • Quick Steps – Down + Light Attack, Down + Medium Attack
  • Roller Coaster – Left + Medium Attack, Medium Attack, Right + Heavy Attack
  • Speed Force – Light Attack, Light Attack
  • Stop Motion – Medium Attack, Heavy Attack, Light Attack
  • SuperSpeed – Right + Medium Attack, Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Terminal Velocity – Medium Attack, Heavy Attack

The Flash Basic Attacks

  • Fast Feet – Down + Medium Attack
  • Flashy Kick – Right + Heavy Attack
  • Lightning Strikes – Medium Attack
  • Side Chop – Left + Medium Attack
  • Speed Jab – Light Attack
  • Spin Cycle – Left + Heavy Attack
  • Spinning Backhand – Right + Medium Attack
  • Zip Kick – Down + Light Attack

Playing as The Flash

The Flash

Like Injustice: Gods between Us, The Flash is all about facing your opponents with frenetic mixes to confuse them. In addition to his previous set of moves, he also has a number of new attacks. Among these new special attacks, he has b, f + 2 with which you can MB to initiate a combo. However, be aware that even though the speed of the attack is high and your opponent can punish it. Then, having b, f + 1 is a great match.

In addition, he also has d, f + 2, which is an anti-aircraft special attack with an amazing range and range. Furthermore, it is also a combo boot. You can also use the MB version for long combos. Another great combo boot is the MB version of Lightning Kick, however, the regular version is no longer secure. Basically, there are many Special Attacks in MB version you can use to initiate a combo.