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Two Point Hospital Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players

Two Point Hospital 2

One of the simulation games that you can now play on Xbox Game Pass is called Two Point Hospital, but it can be hard to start as a newbie. There are so many facets to the game that can make it difficult to figure out how to sustain a hospital in the long-term. Many find themselves tapping out of an area after they earn one star due to the fact that they are literally bankrupt.

Watch Finances – Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

One thing that can make or break a hospital is your finances, how is that in any medical game. If you’re thousands of dollars in debt, you won’t be able to add to your hospitals, train your staff, or even research cures for new illnesses.

There’s a whole tab devoted to this where you can track your cash flow and most often it belongs to your employees. If necessary, you can reduce employee wages, raise prices, or take out a loan, but this should be your last resort.

Reputation – Two Point Hospital

Your reputation is key to everything in this life simulation game and you can see it as a bar in the bottom right corner of the screen. This can be done in a variety of ways and it has to take into account everything in your hospital and how it affects your patients.

Some of the things that affect your reputation include:

  • Cure rate
  • Examination and emergency
  • Marketing
  • Kinds of room
  • Employee training
  • Price

When you have an excellent reputation, you will get more patients into the hospital, which increases your income.

Spice Up The Rooms – Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital 1

Planning your hospital layout is important, but so are the rooms themselves. You should not leave them bare as it will make both your staff and your patients unhappy. Instead, spice them up a bit with some plants or some posters on the wall.

You should also make them a little larger than the minimum as this will also make them more beneficial for your hospital.

Do Not Overlook Training

Training your staff is often looked down upon by players, but it shouldn’t be in Two Point Hospital. This is necessary to take your hospital to the next level and keep your employees happy by giving them steady promotions.

Should you focus on keeping certain employees in certain rooms, you can put yourself under the staff tab. For example, a doctor working in a General Practitioner’s Office should have several levels of training in General Practice and possibly Diagnostics if you only unlock a few training courses.

Research As Much As You Can

Two Point Hospital 2

Research plays a very important role as it not only makes your existing rooms more efficient, but it also unlocks new rooms needed later in the game. It is a huge pain to start in a new hospital and realize that you need to research DNA Lab, despite the patients already in the hospital and those who need its services.

You can also use the lab to generate cash or Kudosh, it will take your gameplay to the next level and is part of the reason why Two Point Hospital is so successful.

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