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Heroes of the Storm: Tyrael Talent Build Guide


Tyrael is a melee tank, with excellent maneuverability allowing him to get in and out of combat very quickly. He has the ability to initiate teamfights and isolate opposing goals, which makes him an ideal choice for aggressive team plays. Due to his strong protective qualities, he is also able to play more defensively, making him a strong pick for backline Heroes.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Tyrael



  • Acceptable Solo Laner
  • Exceptional mobility
  • Both the Sanctification and Judgment Emblems have their respective uses
  • Able to increase the movement speed of allies and shield them
  • Provides attack and defense capabilities


  • Can compete as a solo Tank due to lack of crowd control
  • Mana is heavily depended on throughout the game
  • Starting successful teammates combat requires some experience
  • Only suitable for a limited group composition

Talent Build

Standard Build

Justice for All (lv1), Bound by Law (lv4) – Stalwart Angel, Swift Retribution (lv7) – Reciprocate, Sanctification (lv10), Holy Ground (lv13), Horadric Reforging (lv16) – Burning Halo, Holy Arena (lv20) – Defense of the Angels (lv20).

The standard build is intended to make Tyrael as resilient as possible to allow him to hold the frontlines without dying too quickly. It is important to highlight that he does not have Stun or Root abilities, which means his zoning abilities are limited compared to other Warriors. However, countless defensive talents such as Stalwart Angel and Defense of the Angels make it very difficult for him to be killed and make Tyrael a thorn on the opposing side.

This build also significantly increased the way of supporting his teammates. Justice for All will protect his teammates, while Swift Retribution can increase their damage and mobility. Holy Ground is the option for this construction. Along with Horadric Reforging, you will have Holy Ground whenever you need it.

Sword of Justice Build

Justice for All (lv1), Bound by Law (lv4) – Stalwart Angel, Swift Retribution (lv7) – Reciprocate, Sanctification (lv10), Sword of Justice (lv13), Burning Halo (lv16) – Horadric Reforging (lv16), Holy Arena (lv20) – Defense of the Angels (lv20).

The Sword of Justice Build is similar to the Standard Build but aims to deal more damage and mobility, rather than adding control with Holy Ground.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

To maximize his potential, we strongly recommend having a frontrunner by his side. Because of that, Blaze’s crowd control and strong mobility make him a good match. The protective and maneuverability from his Just and Punishment abilities blended well with melee Assassins in general, which is why Tyrael blended well with Illidan or Greymane.

Countered by:

Like any other tank, fights against the Tank destructive qualities of Heroes like the Greymane with the Cursed Bullet. Besides, Zeratul was very strong against him, as he did not have crowd control to stop him, and the Void Prison completely denied the Sanctification. Due to his dependence on divinity, he was also easily punished by crowd control. E.T.C. or Garrosh could easily stun him, making him an easy target with any follow.

Maps of Tyrael


Due to his great versatility, Tyrael performed well on almost every map. However, on battlefields like Cursed Hollow, Sky Temple, or Towers of Doom, he actually excels thanks to the late game impact that comes with talent at Holy Ground. This talent allowed him to steal the Mercenaries and, more importantly, Camp Boss by placing his El’druin’s Power ability in the center of the capture platform.