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Heroes of the Storm: Tyrande Talent Build Guide


Tyrande is a long-range Healer that offers an exceptional amount of utility. She has the ability to give vision to the rest of her team, heal injured comrades, and disrupt enemy Heroes by stunning and slowing them. She is a very versatile Hero that allows her to adapt to the course of the game very well. Powerful crowd control spells and the ability to track the opponent’s movements make her low HP and maneuverability.

Strengths and Weaknesses Of Tyrande



  • Great single target healing
  • Sentinel is a useful scouting ability
  • Lunar Flare works extremely well with other crowd control abilities
  • Hunter’s Mark significantly increases damage to allies when focused on one enemy target
  • Approach with low cooldown at level 16


  • Lacks any form of escape ability
  • Bad waveclear
  • High learning curve
  • Requires a lot of map awareness
  • Has almost no talent variability
  • very susceptible to dives

Talent Build

Standard Build

Lunar Blaze (lv1), Elune’s Chosen (lv4), Moonlit Arrows (lv7) – Kaldorei Resistance, Shadowtalk (lv10) – Starfall, Harsh Moonlight (lv13), Celestial Attunement (lv16) – Empower, Shooting Star (lv20) – Iceblade Arrows.

Standard Build does not focus on any of her Capabilities. Elune’s Chosen will increase her recovery greatly, while talents like Lunar Blaze and Harsh Moonlight increase her playability and tracking. At level 10, Shadowstalk is the default choice, but in maps like Volskaya Foundry or Infernal Shrines, Starfall can be a good pick, and it’s great against heavy melee combos. At level 16, consider choosing a Celestial Attunement against crowd control, otherwise choose Empower.

Ranger Build

Ranger (lv1), Elune’s Chosen (lv4), Moonlit Arrows (lv7) – Kaldorei Resistance, Shadowtalk (lv10) – Starfall, Harsh Moonlight (lv13), Empower (lv16), Shooting Star (lv20) – Iceblade Arrows.

Her Ranger Build is completely focused on maximizing her Sentinel’s powers. While Ranger and Empower add some decent damage to the Sentinel, Harsh Moonlight will significantly reduce the damage and movement speed of up to two enemies. After Level 13, the Sentinels can be used to conquer allies, engage enemies, or slow fleeing Heroes so your allies can easily finish them off.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Tyrande works very well with Tanks and Bruiser like Diablo, E.T.C., or Varian, who are likely to start laying the perfect foundation for the Lunar Flare’s Stun effect. To get the most from the so-called “crowd control chain”, remember to wait carefully until the respective Warrior joins and then follow up with the Lunar Flare. Heavy mages like Li-Ming can take advantage of her Hunter’s Mark’s Mark Armor reduction, allowing them to

Countered by:

She fights against the Heavy Scuba Heroes who can easily reach her, such as Anub’arak or Maiev. Though, since Tyrande is incapable of recovering AoE, she also has to endure Heroes like Fenix or Lunara, which can damage all of her teams at once.

Maps of Tyrande


Tyrande does great on smaller maps like Dragon Shire or Tomb of the Spider Queen, with a heavy focus on early game swings and ganks. Thanks to Hunter’s Mark and Lunar Flare, she excelled at taking down enemy Heroes with other crowd control abilities. Hunter’s Mark can also be applied to non-Hero targets, such as Boss, Immortal, or Punishment, which makes her a very powerful Hero on the Battlefield of Eternity. She will also excel on maps where minions are near her while on target, so she can safely refund Cooldowns while healing the whole team, such as Infernal Shrines or Tombs. of the Spider Queen