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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Akuma Moves, Strategy Guide



Akuma is a leading anchor character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He can take advantage of aerial throws and can relaunch on his own. He also has a great mix and cut options and can do some serious damage, especially with the help of X-Factor.

Akuma Overview


He had trouble with his normals. His ground stats have terrible attack range and priority. Also, Akuma is a great target for a one-shot kill combo because of its low health, which is a major hurdle in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


  • High damage output
  • Hurricane Kick support is really powerful
  • Fastest walking speed in-game, much faster than any other character
  • Aerial control is good even though there is no air dash
  • Beam Super
  • Can combine his air throw words with ease.
  • Is one of the few characters with an invincible dragon punch


  • Tied for the worst stamina in the game, except for Phoenix
  • Short-range standards

Akuma Special Moves

Gohadouken (Fireball)

His ground fireball is fairly standard in pressure and chip. With normal endurance, you should at least have an option in fireball matches. Most players don’t even bother using Fireball since Akuma travels so fast and has so good aerial options that he doesn’t need to engage in ground-based bullets combat.

The fireball in the air was an OK move, but Akuma was not able to do it. This means it’s pretty easy to dive under him or jump in front of him and attack if he throws one of these. He can also only do this move once per jump, meaning using this move is a very heavy undertaking.

If you decide to use the air fireball, it is best to use the Medium version. This will prevent your opponent from jumping and will prevent anyone who tries to slide below you.

Goshoryuken (Dragon Punch)

Hard dragon punches start the fastest and are the best intercept while having the highest invulnerability, so it’s a no-brainer to just use the Hard version as a counter-attack.

If this move is blocked by an opponent, your only way to ensure it is safe is to destroy it on Messatsu-Gohadou. Even then, some fast characters might throw a recovery of Messatsu-Gohadou, so be careful.

Don’t bother applying this in combos. Hurricane Kicks does a much better job.

Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Zankukyaku)


One of the most dangerous moves in the game because of its utility element. This move will destroy the projectile the entire time it is active, making it a powerful opponent for any bullet thrower. All versions of this move are safe when blocked, and some even offer a frame advantage regardless of whether a Storm punch is performed on the ground or in the air.

You should use this move at the end of the combo when possible. This is especially true of the Light Storm Kick.

While you may want to overdo this move on the ground due to the advantage of range and frame, a well-timed push button will help you expand if you use any Storm Kick other than the Shot. light stone.

Remember you can only use one Storm Kick in the air, meaning if you hiss with this move you will be completely powerless until you land. You must remember this when going to the junction or air stalls; This move must make contact.

Akuma – Teleport (Ashura Senku)

Unlike the SF4 series, this teleport is completely vulnerable at boot (and the booting process is huge). It also has a decent amount of rebound, which means it should not be used to pass through the beams and as such even though it is invincible after boot.

In the end, it was best to just wave instead of teleporting to Akuma.