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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Amaterasu Moves, Strategy Guide



Amaterasu is one of the most unique characters in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Armed with three weapons (and different special moves for each), she has a complex but powerful offensive and defensive abilities against the rest of the party members. She is suitable for any position on the team as her support lanes are also very strong.

Amaterasu Overview


Amaterasu has very low health. It’s not uncommon for her to be killed in a single combo, so her defense must be at the right time. The fact that you have to switch weapons back and forth quickly also means that you need to do high to maximize her damage.


Can attack from anywhere on the screen

Great throw game

Airdash covers large spaces in many directions

A counter can be kept indefinitely

Good projectile and ballistic reflexes

There is a dash running

The very low profile allowed her to crouch under fireballs and beams


Poor health rating

An abnormal profile does not prevent her from being comboed normally

Each weapon has its own unique disadvantages including range, damage, or lack of utility

Amaterasu Special Moves

Head Charge

Head Charge has a number of uses. The first is to use a light or medium Head Charge to stop in time in the air to avoid chips from a Supers or an X-Factored character. Since these Charges versions are not very effective, you can use them to reset in between combos.

The second usage is to apply the Hard version in combos to perform a ground strike. While this works in all three Weapon modes, it’s much easier to combine in Reflection mode, so be patient with it in that situation.

Power Slash

One of Ammy’s best defense picks. Many players throw this out against characters who come after KO to force them to block.

Even just using this move in the blockchain is a smart idea, since it’s safe in the block. You can also cover airdash corners and other approaches with ease. A really good move.

Weapon Change – Amaterasu


Each button pressed identifies the Ammy weapon equipped, with Light being Reflector (Solar Flare), Medium being Glaive (Thunder Edge), and Hard being Rosary (Devout Beads).

Most Amaterasu players stick with the first two weapons and fight them off, as they give the most freedom and utility in attack and movement.

Overall, everyone agrees that Reflector should be used by default, and only switch to Glaive if you have trouble logging in.

When she is equipped with a certain weapon, she can use one of the special moves below. It is important to keep this in mind so you don’t accidentally try to make a special move with the wrong weapon.

Solar Flare (Reflector)

Performing this move, Amaterasu was able to summon a shield in front of her. The Light version will resist mid-range and high-range physical attacks, and the Medium version will resist low-range attacks.

If you find that people are attacking you recklessly or attacking you with multiple attacks, then Light Solar Flare is a great counterattack option.

Once the landing counter and the movie show is complete, you can do a follow-up with Okami Shuffle (while they’re spinning) or do a very hard OTG track after switching weapons for extra damage.

The Hard Solar Flare is actually an extremely effective ballistic reflex attack. You can use this to make the ballistic fight in her favor. It will also absorb the beam.

You can hold the button on the Solar Flare to keep the counter active for as long as you like. This means you don’t have to count the time, which is great.

Thunder Edge (Glaive)

This move can be calculated by holding down the attack button. Unless you’re doing complicated Vale of Mist combos, you’ll just want to rely on Light Thunder Edge.

The longer you move, the higher the amount of blockstun you inflict on your opponent. Additionally, Light Thunder Edge is always safe when blocked, making it an important attack maneuver.