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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Morrigan Moves, Strategy Guide



One of the most popular characters in Marvel Vs. Capcom series and one of the original cast since Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, the Morrigan first made his debut as a succubus in the Darkstalker series and has also become a video game. She appears as a woman with long light green hair, an exposed upper body, and bat-like wings on her back and head. She is in vain and enjoys a life of excitement through battles like in the one against Demitri Maximoff and his henchmen.

Morrigan Gameplay


The gameplay of the Morrigan is very similar to a Shoto character like Ryu and Ken. She is very flexible and is a good battery character. She uses her magic and uses her bat wings in the battle to transform into any form like shields, drill bits, or flight assist booster here and allow her to air dash.

Special Moves And Command Normals

Soul Fist

Her signature fireball/projectile. She shoots a vampire skull at her opponent. Unlike previous incarnations, her Soul Fist can shoot forward or downwards when she is in the air and forward or upward when on the ground.

Shadow Blade

The same move as her Shoryuken. She trusts upward and forms her wings like a blade. The strength of the node used determines the number of hits it generates

Soul Drain

Her new move on Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. This move is similar to Soul Fist but takes longer to warm up and steals 30% of the opponent’s super gauge.

Vector Drain

Take orders from the Morrigan. She pulled her opponents into the air and flew with her boosters, then smashed them to the ground.

Splash Libido

She creates his wings into spikes, making the opponent wobble.

Deep Crescendo

She kicks her opponent high and she shoots into the air and her heels form like a blade


She begins his flight mode. She has a pink halo and flies with some bats

Dark Harmonizer

Support only move. Morrigan comes and blows a kiss, giving the entire team 30% of a super-combined stat

Morrigan Hyper Combos


Finishing Shower

She fires off a series of rockets from his transformed wings. This super combination can also be tilted up or down using the d-pad. This move replaces her super eraser Soul Eraser which was first introduced on Marvel Vs. Capcom: The clash of superheroes.

Shadow Servant

Formerly known as Silhouette Blade, a wave-based move in which she summons her shadow clones and slashes an opponent in a Shadow Blade-like manner and hits OTG.

Astral Vision

She summons a reflection of herself from behind the opponent. The clone duplicates all of her moves and will disappear after 10 seconds or if she does another super mix.

Darkness Illusion

The most famous super combo of Morrigan. She flies forward to her opponent and if she connects, she summons a clone behind her opponent and performs a series of attacks while on the ground and tosses her opponent into the air with Another series of attacks and eventually smashing them back to the ground. This move deals 405,000 non-scale damage and hits 33 times.