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UMvC3: Albert Wesker Moves, Strategy Guide

Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker, the main villain of Resident Evil and one of the strongest to appear in Marvel Vs. Capcom line. Wesker really is a character worth considering alongside Dark Phoenix. In the Resident Evil series, he is an employee of the Umbrella Corporation that develops viruses through genetic engineering and is used in biological weapons. He is also one of the scientists who helped create the T-Virus which then turned humans into zombies.

In the fight with S.T.A.R.S. Members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, he accidentally injected himself with a special virus that enhances his strength, agility, and ability to heal quickly.

Albert Wesker Gameplay

Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker is considered one of the fastest and most powerful characters in the game. He has special features and commandments that are very good for combo expansion and dive strategies. He also gets a special boost in Ultimate, which gives him an increase in speed and damage when he takes off his sunglasses or if he gets 400,000 or more damage equal to Level 1. X-Factor. He also has an instant teleport that gives him more agility like the character can fly making him a good point character and matching games. His super moves are also easily combined to deal more damage to the opponent.

Special Moves

Samurai Edge

Wesker uses his gun and fires a shot at his opponent. This move can tilt downwards to hit opponents on the ground and has the ability to expand combos, shoot horizontally and shoot overhead with downwards targets. It can also be followed by his teleportation; Phantom Move is a great combination tactic

Phantom Move

Wesker’s teleportation move. Due to the enhanced speed, he invisibly teleports in the direction depending on the strength of the button being used. This can also be done in the air and can be chained three times in a row.

Cobra Strike

Wesker hits his opponent with a simple palm strike and delivers a powerful knockdown. This move can also be followed by Phantom Move.

Ghost Butterfly

Wesker performs an attack with both hands and causes a wall to bounce back to his opponent if it connects. This move can also be followed by Phantom Move.

Jaguar Dash

Albert Wesker launches a knee attack in front of his opponent

Jaguar Kick

One Jaguar Dash follow-up, he just needs to do a knee attack on his opponent and can be easily tracked using Cobra Strike

Mustang Kick

Wesker’s command-throwing attack in which he makes the first shot with his gun before making a kick that causes a strong knockout or counter-kick for an opponent

Tiger Uppercut

A physical counterattack by Albert Wesker. The light version of this move counteracts both basic and high attacks. The medium version against the low attack and the heavy version against bullet attack and both cause wall bounce, which is great at making simple combos

Albert Wesker Hyper Combos

Albert Wesker

Phantom Dance

Wesker unleashes a series of quick-screen attacks against his opponent. This move now increases the damage done by Wesker taking off his sunglasses. The move can also take down a few or fewer attacks depending on the opponent’s position on the screen but can be concealed to deal more damage.

Rhino Charge

Wesker’s superphysical counterattack. Wesker takes on Rhino Charge and will defend against incoming physical attacks. This move makes the opponent fall into a twitching state so that Wesker can combo later.

Lost In Nightmare

Wesker’s most powerful super move. He opens his palms forward and if it connects, then he performs a series of attacks that create a purple slash in the air and toss his opponent in the air with a Tiger Uppercut. Finally, he ends his move by dropping a rocket from his hand towards the opponent. This move does 450,000 serious non-scaling damage that can still be changed if Albert Wesker doesn’t wear sunglasses.