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UMvC3: Captain America Special Moves, Strategy Guide

Captain America

Captain America

Steve Rogers is an ambitious soldier who returns from World War II but is not enlisted due to his weak physique. It wasn’t until he met a scientist named Dr. Josef Reinstein in the army and chose Rogers as the man to test the Super Soldier Serum. The experiment conducted on Rogers was successful, but before the serum’s ingredients were written down, a Nazi spy killed Reinstein leaving the serum’s ingredients buried on his grave. Rogers later became Captain America and fought with the Axis faction and Hitler’s forces like the Red Skull. However, Rogers was thrown into the sea while trying to stop a missile and remained frozen for the time until he was discovered by the Avengers in the modern era.

Captain America Gameplay

Captain America

Captain America is quite agile for a character with high health (1,050,000 HP). He is often considered a defender plunging character due to the range of his regular stats and special moves. He can be played long distances by the opponent with his special move Shield Slash or can even be played at close range with his easy-to-chain combos. He is also a Shoto character like the Morrigan, Ryu, and Akuma making him one of the easiest and most proficient characters in the game.

Special Moves And Command Normals

Middle Kick

Cap attacks his opponent in the head first and hits them again in the stomach

Air-Raid Kick

Cap performs an aerial kick to strike opponents in his aerial combos

Anti-Ground Kick

Cap kicks down with his hind legs in mid-air and can be chained to his standard items in an aerial combo

Shield Slash

Cap’s main ammunition. He throws his shield at an opponent and unlike in previous MvC3 games, the shield now returns to Cap for additional damage. The light version of this move now hits OTG, helping to expand the combo and deal more damage to the opponent

Stars and Stripes

Cap’s air defense is similar to Ryu’s Shoryuken and the Morrigan’s Shadow Blade. He performs an uppercut by using his shield to damage opponents

Charging Star

Cap performs a blistering attack on opponents using his shields to neutralize the projectile and close in on his enemies. The heavy version of this move disables even higher priority projectiles


Captain America makes a swing to create crosses and dodge certain techniques from opponents

Captain America Hyper Combos

Captain America

Hyper Charging Star

The superstar version of Captain America. He uses his shield to unleash a more powerful bludgeon attack on the enemy. Just like its special movement that neutralizes projectiles, this super version neutralizes transcendent projectiles like Iron Man’s Proton Cannon or Dormammu’s Chaotic Flame. This move can be easily combined after the lightweight version of Shield Slash.

Hyper Stars And Stripes

One of his transcendent versions of the special move Stars and Stripes. The first time he does two streaks of Stars and Stripes in a row before hitting the opponent with a final stripe and dealing more damage. This move has an unbeatable count on launch making it great against invincible frameless super combos.

Final Justice

Super damage caused the most damage of Captain America with 440,000 damage unchanged. First, he lunges at the opponent with his shieldless Charging Star, throwing the opponent into the air. After landing, he followed it with a series of punches and kicks and finished it with an overhead spike and landed on the ground. This move was formerly a level 1 super combo that deals less damage.