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UMvC3: Doctor Strange Special Moves, Strategy Guide

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

One of the newest characters included in the list of MARVEL heroes in Capcom Vs. In the series, Doctor Strange used to be an arrogant man and a surgeon. But after a car accident that seriously injured his hands, he tried everything to find a cure until the end was nothing. In desperation, he finally went to Tibet in search of the Ancient One (also known as the Sorcerer Supreme), who was supposed to be able to heal his wounded hands. Through her surprise, the Ancient One truly existed and taught strange magic.

Doctor Strange Gameplay

Doctor Strange

Strange’s gameplay often deploys his Mystic Arts techniques and attacks with the help of the Eye of Agamotto. A real placeholder/zoner character, almost all of his special attacks and super combos allow him to take control of the screen and build space between him and the opponent. Doctor Strange is also able to fly over his Cloak of Levitation. He is also one of the fastest teleporters in the game and follows opponents in the field.

Special Moves

Bolts of Balthakk

Strange fires 2 consecutive blasts of green energy to punish opponents from afar

Daggers of Denak

Strange call when the discs stay in place for a moment and they are on the opponent

Eye of Agamotto

Strange summons a yellow ball in front of him and hits 10 times in a stationary position and 10 more times if attacked by Impact Palm

Flames of the Faltine

Strange shoots a burst of fiery green energy that moves across the screen

Grace of Hoggoth

Doctor Strange summons a static glyph to power Strange’s Faltine Flame


A physical response placed Strange next to his opponent

Impact Palm

A normal command that causes the opponent to fall into disrepair on impact

Mystic Sword

Strange summons magical swords to slash opponents


Strange teleportation depends on the opponent’s position. Light teleports him in front of the opponent. Medium puts him behind and Heavy teleports him on top of opponents.


Strange enter flight mode using their Flying Cloak

Doctor Strange Hyper Combos

Doctor Strange

Seven Rings Of Raggador

Strangely calls 7 Raggador Rings and resists all incoming bullets. Once it is countered, it will shoot a large beam of blue energy at the opponent. This super combination counteracts all projectiles, even a ballistic-element combination such as Phoenix Rage and Finishing Shower. This is the only super combo in the game against all projectiles and has some invincibility to start.

Spell Of Vishanti

Strange summons his spellbook and summons a pillar of yellow energy to track the opponent. This is a great combo as it hits OTG. Can also be used after Astral Magic because of its sheer speed.

Astral Magic

Doctor Strange lifts his physical body and his spirit form moves to the screen and grabs the opponent with his Daggers of Denak. Once he has this, he will summon several Eye of Agamotto bullets and explode at the opponent in a Spell of Vishanti-like manner. This super does non-scale damage of 450,000.