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UMvC3: Iron Man Special Moves, Strategy Guide

Iron Man

Iron Man

Tony Stark (a.k.a Iron Man) is a mechanical genius, billionaire, and certified player. He took over the Stark Industries of his family after his parents passed away. Enjoying a luxurious life, he doesn’t care much about people until he is kidnapped by terrorists using machines and his own invention. They ask him to create weapons for them to use against evil. He then struggled to escape from captivity, instead of crafting a weapon, he created a suit to help him escape from the island. Realizing his guilt, he then vows to use his armor to save his life. He and James Rhodes (who later became War Machine) fought against an evil force that threatened humanity.

Iron Man Gameplay

Iron Man

Iron Man made significant changes in Ultimate, improving his aerial maneuverability and agility. He can hover in the air to cancel his moves, making his aerial combos similar to those of Magneto and Storm but losing the dual jump ability. Also one of the most defenseless characters in the game, he has projectiles to match his position on the field like his Unibeam for long-range battles and Repulsor Blast for those stupids approach him. His moves are also one of the best and most powerful in the game. He also has two versions of his original Proton Cannon hyper and a powerful level 3 hyper move.

Special Moves

Focus Shot

His heavy jump that he can either head downwards or upwards


His main beam bullet. He fires a laser beam-like bullet at his opponent making it great in long-range battles.

Repulsor Blast

He creates a cross-shaped laser from his hand to juggle and lure captured opponents with laser beams

Repulsor Spread

This move is the next step for the Repulsor Blast. Iron Man creates an energy blast that causes his opponent to fly away

Smart Bomb

He shoots several bombs aimed down right in front of him to damage opponents and hit OTG making it great on long combos and can be canceled out of any of his super combos.


He enters flight mode with his boosters and rockets

Iron Man Hyper Combos

Iron Man

Proton Cannon

Iron Man summons a large cannon on his shoulder and shoots a large beam of protons horizontally at the opponent. This super combo is great at the end of the combo, especially if it gets canceled after the OTG Smart Bomb.

Angled Proton Cannon

An angled version of the Proton Cannon. He also summons a large shoulder cannon that is currently fired at a 45-degree angle and is a good anti-air combo.

Iron Avenger

His most devastating super combo, one of the fastest Level 3 Hyper Combo in the game, and another great combo ending after an OTG Smart Bomb. He unlocks his power inhibitions (according to his quote) and grabs his opponent after a dive attack. He grinds their faces to the ground first and then launches them into the air. In the end, he fired off a supercharged Unibeam to blow up his opponent.