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UMvC3: Magneto Special Moves, Strategy Guide



One of the founding members and most famous X-Men villain, Magneto is a force to consider. He’s one of Marvel Vs. ‘s veteran players. Capcom especially as she is teaming up with Storm and Sentinel. He is a German Jew at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and a friend of Charles Xavier. He broke up with the X-Men because he had different thoughts about the mutant Supreme Rights. He later formed the Brotherhood of Mutants, who fought countless battles with the X-Men but also teamed up with them because of the greater threat to the mutant type.

Magneto Gameplay


A powerful figure in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes thanks to his versatility and speed, Magneto is still favored for his attacks and moves in Vanilla and Ultimate. He has one of the fastest rays of light in the game, an 8-way air launch, and a never-ending and infinite reset that is sure to kill an entire team. He’s cool without using a super gauge and is also one of the best battery life characters in the game. He also has the best super combo pack in the game, which also makes him deadly.

Special Moves

Electromagnetic Disruptor

His fastest special ray. He shot out an electric beam from his hand. This move rivals Doctor Doom’s Plasma Beam due to its quick start and regeneration

Hyper Gravitation

He shoots out a stream of magnetic energy that, if hit, will pull the opponent next to him to allow a combination later.

Magnetic Force Field

His anti-physics moves. He creates a short force field around himself and if physically attacked, he fires a shock wave at his opponent.

Magnetic Blast

Magneto fires off an electromagnetic wave at an opponent and is an air-only attack

Fatal Attraction

One of his new moves in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Like Storm’s Foul Wind special, it draws the opponent closer to him and does not cause any stuns or knockdowns. This is a great combo before enhancing his Magnetic Shock Wave as it pulls the opponent towards him allowing the first shock wave to hit.


Another new move of Magneto. Similar to Fair Wind, this move pushes the opponent away from him. It also does not stun or knock down an opponent.

Reverse Polarity

His last new move. He pulled his opponent towards the ground so that they couldn’t jump. This is a unique move that only he can do

Magnetic Flight

He enters flight mode with the help of his magnetic powers

Magneto Hyper Combo


Magnetic Shockwave

He concentrates his powers into his hands and touches the floor and shoots several columns of magnetic energy that knock his opponent out. This attack attacks OTG and is a great match after his Death Suction move.

Magnetic Tempest

Magneto uses his magnetism to attract metal projectiles and then shoots them at opponents that deal massive damage.

Gravity Squeeze

His new super combo is introduced in Vanilla. He unleashes his magnetic force to capture his opponent everywhere on the screen. If it connects, he locks them in an energy and metal ball, then clenches his fist to crush his opponent, dealing massive damage ranging from 400,000 to 446,000.