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UMvC3: Phoenix Special Moves, Strategy Guide



Probably one of Marvel’s strongest women and one of the most powerful telepaths and remote controls in the world, Jean Gray a.k.a. Phoenix awakened her powers when she was 10 years old when her friend was hit by a car. During the teenage years, she was recruited by Charles Xavier to master her powers. As an Omega Level mutant, Charles had to set up a series of psychic barriers against Jean’s brain to somehow stop her ultimate powers.

Phoenix Gameplay


She is ​​a glass character which means she actually offers a lot of attack ability but has the lowest anemia in the game at 375,000. However, once she had super gauze at maximum and KOed, she died and was revived as Dark Phoenix; the Most powerful character game.

Special Moves And Command Normals

Flare Sword

She uses her cosmic flames to create a flame-like a sword shot out of her hand

Burn Out Beak

She slams down to form a beak and knocks down the opponent. If performed in a mid-air combo, it can be returned to the opponent.

Prominence Heel

She lifts his leg and uses an ax to kick the opponent, causing them to burn

Telekinetic Shot (TK Shot)

She gathers and creates a fiery orb of damage. It can be fired slowly for light, fast for medium, and slow for heavy. However, in Dark Phoenix mode, she shoots 2 shots.

Telekinetic Overdrive (TK Overdrive)

She flew forward in a spinning motion surrounded by flames. She flies diagonally upwards while hitting the vehicle.

Telekinetic Trap (TK Trap)

She uses her symbol traps to burn opponents. Using a light will shoot her trap upwards if she is stepped on or jumped over. Use her to shoot her trap forward if she jumps. Using her heavy fire, trap her automatically in the enhanced version


She teleports depending on the opponent’s position. Light places her in front of her opponent, on average puts her behind, and heavily teleports her above the opponent.

Phoenix Feathers

In Dark Phoenix mode, all of her stats shoot flaming feathers that also damage her opponents.

Phoenix Hyper Combos


Phoenix Rage

She transmits his cosmic flames and shoots forward creating a projectile that ignites heavy opponents. This is her only super combo that deals damage. Damage increases when she enters Dark Phoenix mode.

Healing Field

With her super-utility combo, she creates a fiery ball of energy around herself allowing her to restore her red health when near enemies. The pitch does this even when an opponent is blocking it.

Dark Phoenix Rising

When KOed and maxed out in super gauze, she is surrounded by a large amount of her energy. Then she shouted “I can’t control it!” and knocks the opponent with a gentle knock and turns into Dark Phoenix. She replenishes her health but is constantly depleting over time. Her Feathers can now be used in this mode. She is also able to make her Rage stronger and still heals her continuously drained of red blood by using the Healing Field.