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UMvC3: Sentinel Special Moves, Strategy Guide



Developed by Dr. Bolivar Trask to track down and destroy mutants, Sentinel is designed to protect humans from the threat of the mutant type. Trask and his team developed the first prototype in a secret laboratory to take down American mutants in an ambush. Realizing that not all mutants are hostile to men, he then seeks the help of the X-Men to help take down his production facility.

He is currently controlled by the US military in a number of cases during the campaign against mutants. In addition to autonomous them, the human-model was also developed to allow humans to be their pilots.

Sentinel Gameplay


The strongest attacker on the list, he is a lethal machine. Its normal stats are very lethal and have a great range. Unlike the other tough guys who lack mobility, he is quite fast but has the lowest health in the group with only 900,000. It only has a few special moves but is really good at continuing combos. It also deploys several projectiles to turn him into a character away from it. Its most notable super combo is the Hyper Sentinel Force but is now harder to combine after his OTG Rocket punch as the attack is irreversible.

Special Moves

Rocket Punch

One of his special moves. He retracts and punches the opponent. The version gently punches in a downward angle and hits OTG and combines well, especially if super cancels Plasma Storm. The mid-sized version punches in front of him and the heavy version punches at an upward angle

Sentinel Force

His most famous special move. It points at its opponent and invokes three miniature Sentinel drones to attack the opponent. The heavy version of this move bombs and hits OTG

Human Catapult

His command to take orders where it grabs its opponents and launches them into the air in an electric explosion


He enters flight mode using its propellers and boosters. Its flight mode is good at resuming aerial combos before finishing

Hyper Combos


Hard Drive

One of his Level 1 Super Combo and available in the air only. He and several drones form a pyramid-shaped force field and attack the enemy.

Hyper Sentinel Force

His super combo of damage and is a super version of Sentinel Force. It points at the opponent and calls three waves of three drones to attack the opponent. The maximum damage of this super product can only be achieved if all nine drones hit the opponent. The drone is also much more refined, unlike its predecessor.

Plasma Storm

His best combo finish after an OTG Rocket punch (as Hyper Sentinel Force’s combo has been nerfed). He creates an electric orb that hits the opponent. The sphere is much larger than its predecessors.

Perspective Towards Sentinel

The biggest character on the list. We think the character is a formidable force, especially if combined with characters fighting its ferocity. It certainly only has 900,000 HP for a strong hit unlike Nemesis, Thor, and Hulk but it makes up for this for its great portability and flexibility.