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UMvC3: Strider Hiryu Special Moves, Strategy Guide

Strider Hiryu

Strider Hiryu

Fans asked for him and now he’s back; Your favorite future ninja: Strider Hiryu, one of Marvel Vs. Capcom line. Hiryu is a Class A Special ninja mercenary from an elite squad known as the Striders. The group specializes in kidnapping, assassination, destruction, and various missions to serve the better.

Hiryu became a Special A-Rank ninja at a young age and no one knew more about him other than being Strider’s best assassin. He is also a skilled acrobat, possessing sublime speed and agility. He also carries a plasma tonfa sword called Cypher with him.

Strider Hiryu Gameplay

Strider Hiryu

Just like his previous incarnations, Strider Hiryu deploys many of his ninja and mechanical robot skills. He is often considered one of the best plunge characters in Marvel Vs. Capcom series special in collaboration with Doctor Doom. He can clone himself to make clones and be able to teleport at his will. He can also summon a variety of ammo types allowing him to create distance between him and his opponent although some of his projectiles are low endurance and often lose to others.

He is also the only character in the game to have two levels 3 Hyper Combo: Ragnarok and Ouroboros. Due to his low health (with only 750,000 health points), he must also be played with caution, but no more than Phoenix. Even with that low vitality, he is considered one of the fastest characters in the game, especially when paired with Level 3 X-Factor.

Special Moves

Arch Cut

The Strider slashes his opponent in a downward fashion


Strider slides forward and hits low and OTG


The Strider dashed and slashed his opponent down with an outward slash and caused a wall to bounce.


The Strider slashes the air and causes a shock wave. The strength of the button used determines the strength of the slash


The Strider rushes to his opponent while in the air. He can rush up, forward, and down


Strider’s teleportation move. He teleports forward when he presses the light and the vehicle is from behind. If you press heavily, he will turn around and kick a targeted area

Formation A1/A2/C/B

The Strider summons one of his machines to attack his opponent. These machines are a robotic leopard, a robotic eagle, a robotic eagle that drops bombs, and a satellite that flies around the Strider and lasts for 10 seconds.

Wall Cling

The Strider has the ability to cling to walls on its own and can climb, descend, cross, dive, and attack.

Strider Hiryu Hyper Combos

Strider Hiryu


Strider Hiryu calls out some of his leopard and his mechanical eagle to rush and attack the opponent. This super combo can also hit OTG and is very good at the end of the combo.


He summons two satellites orbiting Hiryu. Satellites also fire disc-shaped bullets at adversaries. This was formerly a Level 1 Hyper Combo but was changed in Ultimate to Level 3 because it is the most powerful super utility.


A Level 1 Super Combo from before, Strider Hiryu rushed forward and grabbed his opponent. Then, he threw his opponent into the air and attacked with multiple images of himself. This super combination is stronger and faster than its previous incarnation and deals 430,000 damage without scale.