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UMvC3: Thor Special Moves, Strategy Guide



One of the most prominent members of the Avengers and the Norse Thunder God. Thor is the son of Odin, the god of Asgard. With his power to manipulate weather, he can wield any kind of atmospheric phenomenon much larger than Storm. He enjoys adventure and is self-centered in his youth with his adoptive brother, Loki. During his adult years, he received Mjolnir as a gift from his father but due to his rude attitude and conflict with the Frost-Giants, Odin forced his son to live with humans to learn humility., kindness and responsibility.

Along with Iron Man and Captain America, he now joins the Avengers to fight for peace from the threat of evil just like his brother Loki, the God of mischief.

Thor Gameplay


Thor, as a god, has the highest vitality in the game with 1,250,000 HP. He is a true assassin due to his high health value but moves slowly and deals one of the highest damage abilities in the game. He also has one of the most powerful special moves and super combos in the game. Mighty Speech is one of the unique special moves that allow him to build a super clock for further use by his team.

Special Moves


Mighty Spark

His main projectile. He uses his hammer, Mjolnir to shoot a bolt of lightning at his opponent. The actual power of the hammer is able to hit an opponent at last but due to his height, some characters can actually crouch on the beam

Mighty Smash

He jumps with his hammer in the air and smashes his opponents on the ground. This move can be charged to deal more damage. The heavy version of this move hits OTG and is a good ending combo before destroying it as an ultimate move

Mighty Strike

Thor strikes with a hammer and strikes forward or whatever forward angle he chooses. The charged version of this move can disable the projectile

Mighty Hurricane

He’s commands throw. He grabbed his opponent and spun around in the air before hitting them with a hammer. This move can hit opponents right after it ends, making it useful in expanding combos.

Mighty Speech

His unique meter-building speech. He scoffed with a heavenly yellow aura and began his speech. The entire length of the speech actually builds up to approximate three super meter levels


He enters flight mode with the aid of his ability to master the wind

Thor Hyper Combos

Mighty Punish

Get super combo command of Thor. He grabs his opponent and uses his hammer to launch them into the air, then returns to the ground and strikes with a bolt of lightning. Since this is a super combo, it only affects opponents on the ground. This move is also great in a Super Slow Combo.

Mighty Thunder

His best super complex thanks to its OTG abilities. He uses his Mjolnir hammer and his thunderous nature channel to perform a column of shock waves coming from the ground. This makes four pillars of lightning.

Mighty Tornado

Due to his fluency in the weather, he creates a tornado within himself and damages his opponent. This move is another great ending combo after an OTG Mighty Smash.