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UMvC3: Tron Bonne Special Moves, Strategy Guide

Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne, the mechanical genius of the Bonne Pirate Family in the Megaman franchise returns in the third and final installment of the Marvel Vs Capcom line. She is responsible for the care and renewal of all of Bonne’s mechanical equipment such as their family’s ship and her loyal Servbots. She has a great love for Megaman and considers his sister Roll as a mortal enemy for Megaman’s love. Although she was raised in a pirate family, she has occasionally displayed great and noble morals in the Megaman series. She also takes pride in when it comes to others. She is disciplined when it comes to her own children (Servbots) but rewards her child’s hard work and performance.

Tron Bonne Gameplay

Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne is the type of character not based on speed and agility, but on her strength, stamina, and damage. Listed as one of the biggest damage hard champions in the game, she moves slowly but with a single combo from her can take half to three-quarters of her life for one low-energy character. She is better played in close range combat because some of her projectiles can be punished if it is thrown out. Her support moves are also some of the best in the game and can be used to create combos to open up defenses.

Special Moves

Gustaff Fire

Tron’s robot machine, Gustaff, fires a flamethrower at a 45-degree angle to punish her opponent

Bandit Boulder

Tron’s Gustaff took a rock from the ground and threw it at her opponent

Beacon Bomb

Tron Bonne shoots a red-dot projectile at the opponent and if it hits, the Servbots will come to trap and hold her enemy in place. The strength of the button used determines the degree of the angle where she fires the bullet

Bonne Mixer

Take Tron’s command and the special move version of her super combo Shakedown Mixer. She grabs her opponents and smashes them to the ground and spins around and crushes them to deal damage

Servbot Launcher

Tron uses his Gustaff to launch the Servbot into the air and slowly descend to the ground and damage the opponent. The strength of the node used determines the scope where the Servbot will be launched

Bonne Strike

Tron’s mechanic turns one of its hands into a drill and plunges into her opponent. The button is used to determine the intensity of the drill attack

Tron Bonne Hyper Combos

Tron Bonne

Servbot Takeout/Lunch Rush

Tron shoots a red-dotted projectile at an opponent that, if connected, will put her enemy into a difficult state of defeat and summons her forty-one Servbots to trample them. This combo was pretty easy after her drill attack.

Servbot Surprise/King Servbot

Tron Bonne uses a satellite to call her the Servbot who is always by her side to increase in size and attack her opponent with a hammer. This move can also replace her other super level 1 when used in combos.

Shakedown Mixer

A superb version of Bonne Mixer and an unbreachable command picker. Like her special move, her mech Gustaff grabs her opponent and smashes their heads to the ground. She then spun her opponent around and caused the ground to burn due to the intense friction. She finally jumped into the air to finally defeat her opponent on the ground. This move can be combined after her drill attack since it cannot be blocked.