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Rocket League – United Rogue: Season 9 – Ramen Bowl – Western Conference

United Rogue: Season 9

United Rogue: Season 9

Ramen Bowl is for gamers ranked at Grand Champ, more or less at 1700 MMR or above. Teams are divided into conferences (East & West) of 4 divisions each. This article will show you the United Rogue: Season 9 – Ramen Bowl – Western Conference prize pool, standings.

 United Rogue: Season 9


League Play – June 3rd – August 17th

  • Regular Season Bo5
  • 18 Matches in 10 weeks

Teams are awarded points after each series depending on the result of the series:

  • Winning a series 3-0 or 3-1 awards 4 points
  • Winning a series 3-2 awards 3 points
  • Losing a series 2-3 awards 1 point
  • Losing a series 0-3 or 1-3 awards 0 points
  • Forfeiting a series includes a penalty of 1 point


Series Record

  • Individual Game Win Percentage
  • If the tied teams played head to head during the regular season, the winner of the head to head advances

Goal Differential

  • Each Division Champion advances to the playoffs
  • Division winners are seeded 1 through 4
  • The other teams fight for two wild-card spots in each conference
  • Top two in each conference get a first-round bye
  • Top six in each conference qualify for the Playoffs
  • 7th thru 16th in each conference are eliminated

Prize pool

5th  PlayoffsTBD
7th TBD
8th TBD
9th TBD
10th TBD
11th TBD
12th TBD
13th TBD
14th TBD
15th TBD
16th TBD

United Rogue: Season 9 – Ramen Bowl – Western Conference standings

16 teams participated in the United Rogue: Season 9 – Ramen Bowl – Western Conference: Dallas Vanguard, Denver Scream, Kansas City Carnage, Las Vegas Tyraants, Los Angeles Griffins, Maui Ancients, Mexico City Venom, New Orleans Curse, Pheonix Thunder, Portland Journey, San Antonio Revenge, San Diego Armada, Sa Francisco Cyborgs, Santa Fe Kings, Seattle Swarm, Utah Craze.

Western Conference
1.Pheonix Thunder10-140p
2.Seattle Swarm9-233p
3.San Antonio Revenge8-329p
4.Maui Ancients5-620p
5.Santa Fe Kings9-237p
6.Kansas City Carnage7-428p
7.New Orleans Curse7-428p
8.Utah Craze6-426p
9.Denver Scream6-522p
10.Las Vegas Tyrants4-618p
11.Mexico City Venom4-717p
12.San Francisco Cyborgs4-716p
13.Los Angeles Griffins3-812p
14.Portland Jouney2-910p
15.San Diego Armada2-98p
16.Dallas Vanguard0-11-1p