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Dota 2: How to Build up the Best Viper Build

Viper Build

Viper is the ultimate lane bully and a great hero to fight formations with heavy magic damage thanks to his defensive abilities. Considering the hero lacks abilities that could turn him into a natural playmaker, you’ll need to see your positioning and farm the right items according to the situation to push Viper to his limits. While the following Viper build is typically those Viper players will want to farm during gameplay, you still need to choose between them depending on how your game plays out and which heroes you’re fighting with.

Viper build in Dota 2

Starting items

Viper Build

Slippers of Agility + Two Circlets + Iron Branch + Faerie Fire

These are possibly the best starting items Viper can get after the game starts. Both Circlets and Slippers of Agility allow Viper to finish two Wraith Bands in no time. The Iron Branch can be used to extend the Tango’s time to heal even more, or you can save it to craft the Magic Stick later in the game.

The Faerie Fire has always been a good damage booster and it can be used for flare-ups to heal yourself when you’re in danger.

Circlet + Two Iron Branches + Two Enchanted Mangoes + Two sets of Tangoes

If you’re going to be side laning with Viper, you’ll need to get your own regen in Viper build. While this will delay your early game items, there’s nothing to worry about as you might get a few kills during the laning phase.

Two sets of Tangoes are more than enough to sustain yourself during the laning phase, and the passive healing from Mangoes makes it harder for enemies to bully in the street.

Early game – Viper build

You will need to choose between the items below for Viper build depending on whether you are one of the main sources of damage in the team or not. If your team has enough damage to win in fights, you can focus on utility and survivability items.

  • Dragon Lance: Dragon Lance has all the stats Viper needs throughout a game. Both the item’s strength and agility make Viper even more powerful.

In addition, Dragon Lance also increases the attack range of ranged champions to 140. Since Viper is always looking for locations to deal damage in fights, the increased range allows him to be more flexible.

  • Maelstrom: Maelstrom is the perfect item for fastening your farm as you’ll be able to knock down stacks even faster. It’s also a great option for pushing the lane down, which will also be needed later in the game.

The Maelstrom can then be upgraded to Mjollnir, a better version of the item offering a higher attack speed.

  • Arcane Boots: Arcane Boots will be a great additional power supply for your team and will also ensure that you never return to base for more power. If you don’t follow the utility route, it’s best to buy Power Treads.
  • Mekansm: The Mekansm is an item you can get when healing your teammates in teamfights, and it even comes with a sustained aura that heals two health and three armor for allied units within a 1200 radius.

Mid game

Viper Build
  • Guardian Greaves: If you already have Arcane Boots and Mekansm in your Viper build, it’s natural to complete Guardian Greaves. This item combines Arcane Boots and Mekansm into a single item and also increases their effects slightly.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter: Aghanim’s Scepter reduces Viper’s ultimate cooldown to 10 seconds and increases its cast range. Combined with its lower energy consumption, the Viper transforms into an attack drone that can capture anyone from their position without endangering themselves.
  • Hurricane Pike: Hurricane Pike’s unique effects also allow Viper to continue hitting anyone. He uses the item up to four times with an attack speed of +100, which means it can also be used to finish off enemies.
  • Rod of Atos: Rod of Atos is a cheap disable tool that also comes with decent stats. If your team doesn’t have a way to stop the heroes from teleporting or lack the ability to disable, this can be a great item to help you become even more of a threat in mid-game.

Late game – Viper build

Viper Build
  • Gleipnir: Introduced into the game with the Mistwood update, Gleipnir combines two of Viper’s core items with excellent operability. Gleipnir requires Maelstrom and the Rod of Atos to built.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly is a standard damage item in Viper build for agility heroes. It provides a great deal of agility and evasion which can help Viper stand his ground when versus hard-hitting carry heroes.
  • Silver Edge: Silver Edge helps Viper neutralize any annoying passive skills and is generally a decent source of damage.

It provides good attack speed and damage, while also allowing him to become invisible, which can always open the door for easy capture.

  • Monkey King Bar: Evasion is a popular stat among agile carry heroes. To counter dodge enemies, Monkey King Bar will always be a must-have as it helps you through evasion with a 75% chance.