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Useful CS: GO Tips To Help You Play More Professionally

CS: GO Tip

CS: GO Tip

CS: GO is the most popular shooting game ever, this article will show you some CS: GO tip to become professional and experience this game as perfectly as possible!

CS: GO tip about Flashing

CS: GO Tip

Flashing is the term used to refer to the use of Flash Grenades to effectively “blind the opponent”. When an opponent is hit by Flash, it will lose sight and may be terminated.

Take advantage of the “Q” (Quick Change) after Flash, to let the opponent pay attention to the direction of the Flash throw and trap, after Flash press “Q” and shoot at the designated direction, inertia The enemy will return to Check and trap!

Use Flash to detect your opponent’s position, when you are sure the opponent is hiding in a hidden position, you want the enemy to be exposed. Throw Flash peek out of hiding place before Flash explodes, the enemy will take care of avoiding Flash and there is no time to hide from you

This is an upgrade CS: GO tip of the above plan, when fighting with an experienced opponent, you can apply it in real combat, after throwing Flash, instead of peeking immediately, use shoulder peek (a technique to move away from the wall) show your arm then hide immediately) to trick the opponent, wait for Flash to explode, gently peek out and finish the opponent

Pistol tips

CS: GO Tip

In the CS GO match, the players of the first round will use the basic pistols to echo money for the next round, so the question is how will we win when we fight?

When fighting, players will try to headshot to multiple damages from the pistol, but at close distance, no cover and you need to reload. It is advisable to jump continuously and turn around the opponent, head down to the ground to let the opponent spam all their last bullets and change bullets, this is a golden time because you have had enough time to reload and respond. Quick work!

When fighting in the first six rounds, the opponent certainly bought for themselves and they used the same skill. The best CS: GO tip I can give is to aim for their feet, as it will deal more damage in areas without armor!