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V-Gaming vs Creepwave Prediction – Champions League – 09/29

Winstrike Team vs Nemiga Prediction

V-Gaming vs Creepwave prediction on September 29, 2021. Although Creepwave is playing in extremely good form from the beginning of the group stage until now. To be fair, the overall strength of V Gaming players is still somewhat superior to them. Therefore, it is not surprising that the team that is ranked fourth on the rankings, V Gaming, has the upper hand against the top team Creepwave in this match.

V-Gaming Overview

V-Gaming vs Creepwave Prediction

V-Gaming is showing signs of decline when constantly having to compete with high intensity in 2 tournaments, Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 4 and Gamestars L’oreal Men Expert Season 2. They have only won 1 victory in a total number of 3 matches participated in these 2 tournaments. 

In particular, in Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 4, the loss to a weaker opponent, B8, has made V-Gaming stagnate and is becoming a loser in the first group. It is 3 points behind Brame and Winstrike. Team, this number is 6 if compared to the leading team, Creepwave.

Creepwave Overview

V-Gaming vs Creepwave Prediction

Creepwave is not overrated before the Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 4 takes place. But what they are showing at this tournament is above all great. 

With 6 wins, including a win against a direct competitor, Winstrike Team, Creepwave is stagnating at the top of the table. They have earned all 18 points after 6 rounds. In front of them is V-Gaming – a challenge that is not easy and is also the defending champion of the tournament. Can the dark horse of the tournament make a difference?

V-Gaming vs Creepwave Prediction

Continuing the success of the last match against Nemiga Gaming, Greepwave has increased their total number of wins in the group stage to five. It can be said that the performance of Creepwave players has completely surprised fans and opponents. 

With a record of five wins, it is obvious that Creepwave is currently at number one in the rankings. However, to be able to keep this position until the group stage ends is not easy. Because there are still many strong opponents waiting for Creepwave behind.

V-Gaming vs Creepwave Prediction

V-Gaming about the level and level of the players can be said to be free. But the leadership of the whole team is being too greedy when forcing the players to play too much like now. Creepwave is showing their thorough preparation through each match. As they are always the team that has the advantage right from the Ban/Pick stage. 

This is the result of their research and dissection of the tactics of the game of their opponent very carefully. Given the current performance of both teams, it wouldn’t be too surprising if V-Gaming became the next victim of Creepwave – The match will be resolved in 3 games.

V-Gaming vs Creepwave Bet Prediction

V-Gaming vs Creepwave total score prediction:

  • Game 1: V Gaming
  • Game 2: Creepwave
  • Game 3: V Gaming

Total score 2-1

First blood:

  • Game 1: V Gaming
  • Game 2: Creepwave
  • Game 3: Creepwave

Total kills:

  • Game 1: V Gaming 42 – 27 Creepwave
  • Game 2: V Gaming 25 – 34 Creepwave
  • Game 2: V Gaming 33 – 18 Creepwave

First Roshan:

  • Game 1: V Gaming
  • Game 2: Creepwave
  • Game 3: V Gaming


V Gaming: TA2000, ArrOw, hAze, destroyed, malady

Creepwave: Crystallis, Chu, hansha, ATF, Fishman