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Heroes of the Storm: Valeera Talent Build Guide


Valeera is a melee assassin that uses Stealth and a unique Combination Point system to inflict massive damage on his enemies. Combination Points are generated each time she attacks an enemy Hero with one of her Basic Skills, which can then be used for a powerful finishing move called Eviscerate.

Unlike other Stealth-based Heroes, she can activate Vanish at will, allowing her to constantly move back and forth between shadows to deceive and deceive her opponents. When Stolen, she has access to a whole new skill set often referred to as “opening”, as these abilities are used to break she from stealth and serve as the opening sequence for the set. Her continuous skills.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Valeera



  • The very high skill ceiling
  • Anti-Assassin, able to take down high priority targets deep in the backline
  • Especially when roaming and ganking
  • Diverse set with many utilities
  • Potential for different gameplay
  • Powerful crowd control
  • High HP pool


  • Depends on Talent Level 4 and 7
  • PvE is weak
  • Especially susceptible to heavy crowd control
  • The learning curve is very difficult
  • Extremely weak when exposed
  • Endure coordinated teams

Talent Build of Valeera

Sinister Strike Build

As the name implies, the Sinister Strike Build focuses on the talents that make Sinister Strike one of her main sources of explosive damage. Relentless Strikes at Level 4 will allow her to use Sinister attacks more often and Mutilate at Level 7 will significantly increase Sinister Strike’s overall damage.

When Seal Fate is used together with Mutilate, Valeera will be able to inflict a huge amount of instantaneous explosive damage when crashing into the target causing a mute, root, or stun effect (can be provided in a forward via Icon Shoot Cheap or Garrote Garrote).

Limpanjo Build

Ambush Build is dedicated to Limpanjo, a famous European Grandmaster Valeera Main who was kind enough to share his opinion on our Building Guide. Build itself is quite similar to the Sinister Strike Build with a few exceptions.

At Level 1, Ready to Fight can be chosen to provide very solid protection against the opponent’s Basic Attacks, allowing Valeera to be played more safely as a Hunter or Solo traveler. At Levels 13 and 16, Buildings are constructed along a unique path. There, the focus is on taking down each isolated target (and best of all) by opening her combo with Ambush.

Thanks to Death From Above, she was able to uniquely narrow the distance to a target while reducing Vanish’s cooldown, in exchange for allowing her to attack from the shadows faster. Assassinate works well with previous explosive damage abilities, most importantly Mutilate at Level 7, as it reduces her target’s Armor even further and deals additional damage.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

She is best suited for Heroes with a reliable source of crowd control, high explosive damage, or both. Besides, Garrosh and E.T.C. are good partners, as they can easily replace enemies to silence and kill her. Furthermore, Abathur is a great choice for her. He will turn her into a more dangerous wanderer, capable of killing targets anywhere before they go silent.

Countered by:

Valeera is resisted by Heroes who have the ability to easily break her from Stealth, as this will prevent her from using any of her open skills. She is also very susceptible to being controlled by the crowd as her over-positioning in the enemy’s backline will often cause her to be quickly knocked down when immobilized.