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Heroes of the Storm: Valla Talent Build Guide


Valla is a very versatile and versatile long-range lethalist. Her strengths include dealing damage to a particular target and on-demand area explosive damage. However, her relative fragility makes her a high-priority target for her enemy.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Valla



  • Good waveclear
  • Good poke
  • Strong in all phases of the game
  • Versatile; fits any team composition
  • Very high single target and damage area
  • Her versatile talent allows her to adapt to a wide variety of situations


  • Dependent on good positioning
  • Low base Health
  • Vulnerable to crowd control

Talent Build of Valla

Standard Build

Hot Pursuit (lv1), Punishment (lv4), Arsenal (lv7), Rain of Vengeance (lv10) – Strafe, Tempered by Discipline (lv13) – Gloom, Manticore (lv16) – Seething Hatred – Frost Shot, Farflight Quiver (lv20) – Death Siphon – Rancor.

This standard build provides a higher effected area and is easy to use at the cost of dealing damage to one target. As Key Talents, Punishment and the Armory allow you to reliably damage multiple enemies at the same time with Multishot.

Burst Build

Monster Hunter (lv1), Puncturing Arrow (lv4), Repeating Arrow (lv7), Rain of Vengeance (lv10) – Strafe, Siphoning Arrow (lv13), Manticore (lv16) – Frost Shot, Farflight Quiver (lv20) – Death Siphon – Rancor.

This build-up provides continuous damage hitting a dominant target and the ability to control the Mercenary Camp at a cost of sustained damage and is weaker than against Mobile Heroes. The Talent-related Key Hungering Arrow allows you to further increase your damage to scare isolated enemies.

Attack Build

Hot Pursuit (lv1), Creed of the Hunter (lv4), Death Dealer (lv7), Rain of Vengeance (lv10) – Strafe, Tempered by Discipline (lv13), Manticore (lv16), Farflight Quiver (lv20) – Rancor.

This specialized attack system provides outstanding sustained target damage at the cost of personal safety. The Primary Attack-related Talents allow you to be a very dangerous source of damage, as long as your teammates can protect you well.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

She is at her best when something stops her and her enemy. Special Large, Strong Tanks are expected as they draw attention away from Valla and often offer their own form of crowd control for potential followers. If not, anything that can protect her is also to be expected. The special shielding effect is affected due to her limited health.

Countered by:

As a weak long-range Assassin, Valla has a natural tendency to struggle against other High Damage Assassins who are capable of making close range beyond her Vault’s range or sneaking in. With a bit of self-molting, make sure to stay as close to your Healer as possible against such Heroes and not make daring attempts to defeat your opponents.

Maps of Valla

As a comprehensive long-range assassin, Valla is neither particularly strong nor weak on many Maps. In general, it is better for her to come along on the road since she is relatively weak, which is not a problem for most Maps. However, it should be special mention that the Battlefield of Eternity, where her Hungering Arrow builds really shines.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hatred increases her base attacks power and increases her movement speed; Try attacking something at least every 5 seconds so your stack doesn’t fall off.
  • Hungering Arrow has a high Mana cost and will attack unwanted targets, such as Minions and Summons; Avoid using Skill unless it does useful damage.
  • Multishot is your primary wave clarification tool. Its wide range of effects also makes it great for checking hidden areas, uncovering stolen Heroes, and taking down opponents.
  • Vault can be used attack, as a closer distance, and defense, to create distance between you and your opponent and dodge Skills. Limit your use of Abilities in an aggressive manner because it makes you more vulnerable.
  • Strafe’s credibility increases as the opponent use up their crowd control; keeps track of their Cooldowns and keeps moving to minimize the chance of you being interrupted.
  • Rain of Vengeance is better used as a tracker or a self-molting tool than just to deal damage.