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Valorant Alliance adds final player “xma” to team roster

Valorant Alliance

Valorant Alliance

Alexandre “xms” Forté was announced as the final member of the Valorant Alliance.

“xma” joins Valorant Alliance after a brief stint with Team Finest

“xma” joins Valorant Alliance after a brief stint with Team Finest. The news comes just days before Alliance is set to compete in the Valorant Champions Tour’s first stage. On Friday, the Omen player will make his official debut. 

This puts an end to rumors that Kenny “kennyS” Schrub is switching to Valorant and joining Alliance. After being benched by G2 Esports, the famed AWPer was spotted playing with Alliance’s roster, leading to speculation that he was on his way to Valorant.

xms” is best known for his time spent competing in Counter Strike Global Offensive, where he had some success with French teams. xms won the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2017 while representing Team Envy. In November, he announced his departure from the Heretics’ roster, stating that he would be joining Valorant.

He has had a rocky start. It signed its first roster at the beginning of the year, but Lithuanian player Vilius “Krea6on” Malinauskas was let go less than a month later. The team is best known for its general manager, CSGO caster James “BanKs” Banks.

xms” announced that he has signed up for a three month trial with Alliance.

“I am now pleased to announce that I am on trial with Alliance for three months, and I appreciate their faith in me. I’ll do everything I can to share my CS experience and knowledge with the team and help them win as many titles as possible.”

He said something to his former teammates.

“Thank you so much for this short month with you; I learned a lot in the game as well as the IRL, and I want to say that you are wonderful people and excellent teammates.”

Who’s on the Alliance roster?

The Valorant Alliance roster consists of the following players:

-Enzo “Fearoth” Mestari

-Niels “luckeRRR”  Jasiek

-Tautvydas “hype”  Paldavicus

-Thomas “kAdavra” Johner

-Alexandre “xms” Forté