July 28, 2021


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VALORANT: An Option for Preferred Agents


One of the most important parts of the game is agent selection in VALORANT. Teams must choose a group of agents that will enable them to be successful, which can be difficult in all situations.


Recently, one VALORANT player suggested that a “Preferred Agents” section be created to allow teams to see the agents that each player is comfortable using to assist with this process.

Before each game, players must decide which agent they will use and teams must ensure that they have the skills required to succeed. 

In order to properly defend and take sites or engage the enemy, most teams will feature a mix of Duelists, Controllers and Sentinels.

But one common problem faced by players is having another player select their preferred agent, which leaves them at a disadvantage if they don’t have experience with other characters. Without talking to their team, some players will instantly lock agents and potentially ruin the team composition.

A Preferred Agents Option – VALORANT 

The player proposed an option for Preferred Agents that could display the top three agent choices of a player. 

This would show what characters they are comfortable with and can assist the team before a game to make better choices. In solo queuing or playing without a full squad, this could potentially lead to better team compositions.

In order of preference, the agents could be displayed and other players could know at a glimpse what agents their teammates are most comfortable using. 

Other players suggested that preferred agents be selected for each map, as many players swap characters.

However, the concept of Preferred Agents is not perfect, since players can still select an agent without taking into account the preferences of their teammates. 

But most players try to win and work together, and the VALORANT experience would probably be better. A Preferred Agents system has not been announced or mentioned by Riot Games, so players shouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

But a lot of players have stated their support for the idea. For future updates, Riot might keep that in mind.