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Valorant animated stickers: How to get extra skills!

Valorant animated stickers

In a competitive game like Valorant, players must use the best of their ability to climb ranks. Recently, players have found a new way to use Valorant animated stickers and sprays to catch enemies off guard, meaning that abilities are not always needed.

Valorant animated stickers

Valorant‘s increasing popularity among first-person shooter fans has given birth to new and weirder tricks in the game. While some are unraveling bugs to gain competitive advantage over enemies, other players are improvising with Valorant’s general features, like animated stickers.

Valorant animated stickers can help you fool enemies

A player named AngelHates has shown that Valorant animated stickers are not only pleasing to the eye, but can help you fool enemies. The player put the animated Yoru sticker on the A Tower inside the Icebox. After spraying the image, he stood under the graffiti and waited for his enemies.

Hard pushing attackers took the bait and started firing at the Yoru mock-up, taking it as a real agent. The distracted attackers presented AngelHates with the perfect opportunity to take all of them down. The player added three kills to his scoreboards while the enemy kept combing for the source of the bullets.

There have been several similar bait-plays in Valorant before, but the use of a sticker is undoubtedly one of a kind. Setup sets a false target for enemies, which gives the player an advantage. The bait spray may be innovative, but it’s just as tricky to execute correctly.

The animated sticker bait works on all maps, but getting the ideal height and positioning yourself can be a bit of a test. Setup has no room for mistakes, as a bad angle can give your enemy position. 

To top it all, timing is of vital importance as animated stickers become unavailable after the purchase phase. Players need to spray the graffiti for a few seconds before the pre round screen goes down.

Can you use Valorant mid round? 

Riot Games limited mid-round animated stickers to prevent players from using them, as vivid moving images can distract players, giving opponents an unfair advantage. However, the restrictions are not as effective as the players are still squeezing the full juice out of sprays as shown on Reddit.

In view of the impact of this exploit, Valorant developer Nickwu noted that a solution to this issue is underway. Valorant animated stickers are not meant to benefit anyone in goal duels or in game tactics. 

This is not necessarily a glitch, however, to prove that it is certainly a valuable find. Until Riot Games delivers a hotfix, players can have some fun with animated stickers and extra bag kills.