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VALORANT BlastX ‘s Unique Skin Bundle is Now Out !


Valorant players can now customize their weapons with the latest Valorant BlastX weapon skins. This new bundle is very unique in terms of design as well as from the video releases.

The trailer for the gun is released today and has the concept of being an old TV commercial where players can relive their childhood memories with a new look. 

Perhaps for young players, it will remind them of the Nerf guns that are very popular these days.


More on Valorant

Valorant is a renowned first-person tactical shooting game developed and released by the Riot Games. 

The game is available for Microsoft Windows and players can play the game by selecting a set of agents, characters based on a variety of countries and cultures from different regions of the world. Until publishing, a beta version was also reviewed until it was released for general use on June 2, 2020.

Some players were also interested in knowing more about the Characters and ranking system in the game. In order to make their gaming experience smoother, we have decided to draw up a list of all ranks and characters in Valorant. 

Valorant Rank:

Iron / Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond / Immortal / Radiant

Valorant Characters 

Breach / Brimstone / Cypher / Jett / Killjoy / Omen / Phoenix / Raze / Reyna / Sage / Sova / Viper

Valorant BlastX Skin for Odin, Specter, Phantom, and Frenzy

Valorant added new skin for Odin, Specter, Phantom, and Frenzy . Each weapon has the same purple, green, and orange color scheme, much like a toy. 

This skin also adds a new Valorant skin knife that looks like a toy but will still do great damage. This weapon fires with suction darts instead of bullets and these suction darts will stick to the wall when fired. 

The finisher animation for the skin is also very cool where it will wrap enemies into gifts.

The skin has been leaked recently and many players have compared the color scheme to the popular Toy Story Buzz Lightyear character. But Buzz Lightyear can’t possibly collaborate with Valorant.


Valorant has released dozens of skins throughout the years and almost every player can find a weapon skin that suits their type. Some skins do have designs from dragon to skin only.  

This BlastX skin is one of the more fun options that still adds new skins without being too dramatic or serious. 


The bundle will cost you 8,700 Valorant Points to get the whole thing. If you are just looking to add one or two skins to your collection though, you can pick up each weapon individually in the game shop. They priced as follows:

BlastX Frenzy – 2,175 VP

BlastX Phantom – 2,175 VP

BlastX Odin – 2,175 VP

BlastX Spectre –  2,175 VP

BlastX Melee -4,350VP

BlastX Spray: -325 VP

The BlastX skin is now available in the in-game shop, but some players have to wait for their shop to refresh before new items appear. So, Stay tuned for more articles and news!