July 31, 2021


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Valorant: Brimstone guide and tips


Brimstone is widely regarded as one of the most valuable agents on your team for Valorant. His ability to control the map is second to none, offering a rare amount of damage potential for his Incendiary Grenades and Orbital Strikes. 


He’s an incredibly dominant character in the correct hands. This Valorant Agent guide will go through all of Brimstone’s abilities and provide you with some tips to help lead your team to victory.

Brimstone Abilities and Tips

Sky Smoke

Sky Smokes, with each smoke lasting 14 seconds, are the longest-lasting uninterrupted smoke in the game. This is the bulk of what makes Brimstone such a strong agent, combined with the fact that Brimstone can drop up to three in quick succession.

The drawback to Sky Smoke is that it’s the game’s most costly signature ability. With only one smoke, Brimstone begins the round, and must buy the others in the shop for 100 credits. But it’s almost always worth the money considering the value these smokes add to the team.

At the very beginning of a round, most Brimstone players use their Sky Smokes (and this is very viable), but the key to this ability is to use them with intent. On the first three chokepoints that you see, don’t just slap them down. Think of the play of the team, and where your smokes would be most helpful to the team.

If you hold onto your Sky Smokes, it can be very useful to block all entrances and exits to the site, to provide extra safety while pushing for a spike plant.

Incendiary – Brimstone

Brimstone’s Incendiary deals less damage than Phoenix’s Hot Hands, but it lasts longer—about 8 seconds. Due to its extended duration, this is a good ability to zone areas, delay pushes, and flushing enemies out of corners. Don’t expect to get a lot of kills with Brimstone’s Incendiary, but use it in the right way and play a prominent role in winning rounds.

The Incendiary canister has a low travel speed but a relatively high range. You can fire an incendiary quite easily across the map, as long as you learn exactly where to fire to make sure it lands where you wanted to, rather than explode harmlessly on the roof.

Stim Beacon – Brimstone


Stim Beacon will last a total of 12 seconds, however the RapidFire remains with you 4 seconds after the Beacon disappears (or after you leave the area of effect). While the Beacon is still active, you can head back to the effect area to refresh the 4-second duration of the RapidFire.

RapidFire is essentially a 10% increase in your fire rate with all weapons and all fire modes. The difference is most noticeable (and probably most effective) with slow weapons such as the Operator and Marshal.

Enemies entering your Stim Beacon will gain RapidFire – so the placement of your Beacon is important. If in doubt, place the Beacon slightly behind where your team is pushing, so that allies can go back and touch it if they need to, and enemies will be deprived of the Rapidfire effect.

Although you can charge up to 2 Stim Beacon charges, you cannot place your second Beacon until the first one has expired. The Stim Beacons can’t stack.

Orbital Strike (Ultimate)

Brimstone’s tactical map when deploying the Orbital Strike is a bit larger (i.e. more zoomed out) than when you place the Sky Smokes. For instance, if you stand in front of Site B, you can see almost all of Haven on the tac map.

Orbital Strike deals very high damage in a short span of time – about 39 damages per second, to be more precise. This is enough to destroy any player that can’t exit within 4 seconds (less if they’re not at 150 HP). But be careful not to turn this awesome power on your own squad, because the friendly fire with Orbital Strike is very much allowed.

There is a 2-second windup after the attack begins before the damage is dealt, which is enough for several players to avoid damage – or at least avoid death. Having said that, it can be very difficult to avoid getting caught in a bad time in the middle of the explosion.

Not only does Orbital Strike deal a lot of damage, but it also entirely blinds anyone in the field of effect (including friendlies). All players will receive a large red warning circle around the center of the screen if they are inside the radius of the Orbital Strike.

Brimstone is the team’s caretaker, even more so than Sage in some ways. As a Brimstone player, your job is to keep an eye on your entire team throughout the map and the round. Use smoke to support allies who need it, and to make sure your ultimate is well-placed by using the information passed by team members. Communication is crucial, as with everything at Valorant.