August 4, 2021


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VALORANT: Brimstone will soon Receive Buffs


Currently, the VALORANT meta is dominated by Omen because of its strong kit that is effective in almost any situation. The other two controllers, Brimstone and Viper, are mostly ignored because they are less powerful than Omen.


Riot confirms Brimstone will soon receive buffs РVALORANT

Riot is aware of this problem and has stated today that Brimstone will soon get some buffs.

A VALORANT player stated on Reddit how Omen dominates the current meta and how the Brimstone smokes are less effective than Omen. It takes a long time for Brimstone smokes to activate and they don’t regenerate like Omen’s over time. 

Also, his other abilities are less helpful than Omen’s, which causes many individuals to avoid choosing him in matches. When triggering his smoke and increasing their range, the player suggested giving Brimstone a faster pullout time. 

They also suggested that players be allowed to pick certain spots before a round begins, which will be smoked automatically when the ability is activated. This would allow Brimstone players to help their team by almost immediately smoking positions.

In comparison, Riot is aware of the current Omen current meta and how Brimstone pales. Riot developer Altombre responded to the post and confirmed the “coming very soon” of Brimstone buffs.

Altombre did not specifically say how to buff Brimstone, but it’s reassuring news for the agent’s fans. Brimstone and Viper are interesting agents that are pleasant to use by many players.

In VALORANT, these unspecified buffs could help make Brimstone a valid alternative and raise its pick rate across all competition levels.

Overall, in any video game, a character receiving buffs will always be a welcome change, especially when it is focused on a character that does not perform as well as it can. 

The upcoming Agent 14 of Valorant, which was recently leaked online, also does not have the same role as Brimstone, which means that Omen is still his competitor.